Sunday, April 19, 2015

Zephyr Tea House Cafe

Zephyr Tea House Cafe is not just another Bubble Tea Shop. It serves LU WEI. 

Lu Wei is a typical Taiwanese local snack dish where various meat, vegetable, and/or carb ingredients are being simmered together in a special Taiwanese style marinated broth. Customers typically order from a wide selection of raw or cooked ingredients, such as vegetables, bean curbs, pork intestines, meatballs, then the cook braises your selection in a prepared broth till they became perfectly marinated and in a beautiful brownish color. 

I love ordering instant noodle in my Lu Wei. It tastes so good, you gotta try it :D Other ingredients you can just pick whatever your usual favorites are. 

Here is another vegetarian bowl with just veggies and frozen tofu. What's great about this is you can pick whatever to fit your dietary needs. You can also choose to have it spicy or non spicy. The only bad thing about the Lu Wei here is that, it is pretty expensive for what it is. A bowl for one person can easily cost up to $20 bucks. 

Zephyr also offers regular menu with typical Bubble tea store foods and set meals. I love their lamb hot plate rice set. But that day we ordered kimchi fried rice and more veggies :

Their bubble tea selection is good too. I'm quite a regular at this restaurant :) 

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