Saturday, March 14, 2015

Once upon a time ... We kissed

After the first time we held hands, we became even closer and saw each other more often. It was winter, so we spent a lot of time at my place, in my bed. And please do trust that we seriously were just chatting and cuddling with full clothes on, because come on, I'm just writing about the first time we kissed.

I have no recollection of what we were chatting about , but I came up with this stupid game that I'd write something on his tummy and he would guess what I wrote, and vice versa. I know I know, stupidest game ever. But that's what people in love do ! They can be in the stupidest conversation for hours, like "I love you more" "nooo !!!!! I love you more !!" " nononoooo I love you moreeee moreeeeee MEOW !!!! hehehehehehhehehe " (God, at least we don't do that! ) and find charm in the stupidest shit as long as they are doing it together.

So we were both enjoying that idiotic writing and guessing game. When it was my turn , I remember as I touched the part close to his lower rib cage with my fingertip , I poked it and said something like is this your bone? And he replied, nope, that's my abs. And my mind was like, abbbsssssss !! *dramatic orchestra music. Then I blushed ! Hahahaa

Anyway , so I wrote stuff like hello, hi, my name, his name, my dog's name, all the generic stuff. Hmmm, I wonder if he will still play this game with me. I highly doubt it. Anyway, it was his turn. He wrote some Chinese characters that represented my name, his name , bla bla bla. I guessed all of them correctly. Then !!! He wrote the characters, "kiss me" , in Chinese. "親我". ( So how this game was played was that I would call out whatever word I thought he wrote and he would tell me if it was right or wrong. You get the idea. ) Nowwww you get the idea. Omggggg look at this man !!! Such strategy.

I couldn't guess it in the beginning because these two words were totally out of my mind. So he kept repeating the strokes and I somehow finally got it !!!!! I shouted out the answer, qin wo (kiss me) ! And he said okay, and did as commanded. Omgggggg look at this man laaaaaaaaa. *covers face shyly. Isn't this such a charming move though? My heart melts as I type too, imagine how it was like at that moment. Ahhhhh... *mind wonders off to memories. So that was how we had our first kiss and we have been sharing countless ones happily ever after. The End.

What I love the most now is that , if he sleeps after me, and I've already fallen asleep , he'll kiss me before turning off the lights. I love how he kisses me thinking I'm not aware of it. It feels more real in a way, you know what I mean ? How do I know this , if I was sleeping, you ask. Because sometimes I fake sleep to actually witness that secret kiss. Hahahaha. Oops. Now he knows.

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