Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Thyme to Indulge Bistro

This is one of my favorite cafe on Main st. The interior (and exterior) is just too delightful not to step in. I came to indulge (pun intended) a couple times with Melissa between work. We both really love the elegant vintage style. It's so white and clean, yet full of details ! It almost feels like another world in there, an Alice in Wonderland world. 

I think they are more known for their breakfast and brunch, but we've only tried their afternoon menu. I need to come back for brunch someday, the brunch menu looks especially delicious.

As for our late lunch that day, we both ordered a tomato soup with grilled cheese trio. It was an option under soup but it definitely definitely was enough for a meal. The grilled cheese was reallyyyyyyyyyy cheesey. So if that's what you love, Indulge is the perfect place for it. I found it a little too greasy though. The tomato soup was appetizing, however, the entire plate was too heavy for me to have for lunch. I could only finish half of the grilled cheese and half of my soup. 

They do have very nice tea to help you brush down some of the grease though. The tea cup and tea bag are extremely adorable, I wanted to take it home !

This picture below was taken during another visit with Mel. I don't remember what we ordered but it was never a bad experience at Thyme to Indulge. 

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