Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant

Went to have lunch with Frank's friends the other day, and they suggested to have dim sum at Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant. Because I'm a fob, I've never had dim sum outside of Richmond, no kidding. So when we heard of Dai Tung, we were curious if it was westernized dim sum place, like how Panda Express is to Chinese food.

When we arrived on time for our reservation, we still had to wait in line for quite a while because they were so busy ! The restaurant is super typical local dimsum place looking, contrary to what we imagined.  The only difference it has when comparing to a dim sum place in Richmond is that its customer base shows more cultural diversity, haha. 

The food is good too, though I still prefer Kirin. I could be heavily biased though.

Sorry for the lack of content of this post, we ordered too much ! hahaha

Dai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant 大同海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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