Friday, April 17, 2015

Guess what I got in the mail today ! Taadaaa ! It's my Sudio earphone ! It came just in time because all of my previous earphones broke and I haven't had the opportunity to grab a new one. Thank you Sudio for reading my mind (and heart).

I'm not a gadget person (earphone is a gadget to me). I usually use all of my gadgets till they break into pieces and cannot be fixed no more. My previous laptops and cell phones for instance, have been fixed again and again till they finally pass away from extreme old age. This is not really about the money for me, I tend to develop a sentimental attachment with things I use for a long time. So when looking for electronic products, I hope to find one that can stick with me through thick and thin, till the end of time. But on the other hand, I am also an incredibly vain person who puts a huge focus on the look of a product. I totally judge a book by its cover, literally. I often fall for nice packaging regardless what's inside, for all I care. With such contradiction in mind, it is hard to find a perfect product that offers both durability and look - like the baby of Nokia and Iphone. Impossible. 

Things like earphones especially, I tent to get the nice looking ones in Asian night markets. I've had Hello Kitty earphones, pink earphones, earphones with diamonds on it, etc. They all broke: some stopped working on one ear, some started to electric shock the inside of my ear when connected, some had internal wires showing right below the earlobe. Mind you, I endured and used all of these with the described condition for sometime too. Then I finally realize I need to be less hobo about them and went on to use those free Apple ones, to be honest, they don't last that long either. 

God forgive me, for I never thought to just buy a better earphone !

Now, Sudio has arrived. I once was lost, but now I am found.

When Sudio first contacted me, I was so impressed with the sleek and elegant design. I immediately picked a brown one that looks like leather from afar. It really matches with my daily outfits (work outfit, casual outfit, or workout outfit), than those typical white earphones, like a nice accessory. It indeed is a good accessory to hang down your ears even if you don't turn on your music, hahaha. That way, you can avoid talking to surrounding people too and actually enjoy being anti-social.

So the package arrived, in such nice packaging : 

It comes with a little leather pouch. I use it to put my cards and some cash, along with the earphone now when I go workout. It's perfect ! Saying it's a good quality product is an understatement. To be honest, I use this pouch so often now that I don't mind paying the price for the earphone but just get the pouch, hahaha.

The earphone is great to have, of course. Very thoughtfully, it comes with a little golden clip so the cable doesn't have to hang down loosely like Jar Jar Bink's ears.

Isn't it beautiful ? 

Now, the technical stuff. I'm not a technical person at all, so I can't critic much about it. All I can say is, its buttons are easy to use and very responsive. The sound quality is great and blocks off most of the outside noises. I feel like the music is playing above my head like a musical halo - does that mean it's surround sound ? 

Another bonus to this amazing product is its price. Because Sudio takes care of everything from design, manufacturing, and sales, they are able to keep the prices relatively lower when comparing to similar products in the market. 

ANOTHER bonus is that, if you buy with my discount code : Babieangie15 , you will be able to get 15% off on your purchase. Oh ! And they do offer free shipping worldwide :) 

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