Wednesday, April 15, 2015

VJ's - The Indian Fine Dining Experience

I knew of Vj's for so long but never had a chance to try, but when I did, I couldn't help myself from going back again and again. There's always always always a long line up, the trick is arriving couple minutes before they open. That way you will usually secure the first seating and can start drooling over the menu right away.  

But don't get disappointed if you are stuck in line too, because Vj's has the best service for people who are waiting for their food or table. Vj's will serve you complimentary finger food while you wait and these are SO TASTY. These are the complimentary finger foods that will turn you into a shameless person where you will ask for multiple ones shyly and giggle awkwardly while the waitress actually doesn't care.

I've been to Vj's a couple times and every time I was served a different food to taste. Last time I went was super cold and they gave everyone complimentary hot Indian milk tea. JUST SO THOUGHTFUL. 

Don't get lost in that though, because the actual dishes are more amazing. Take sometime to study the menu because they are not the usual butter chicken Indian cuisine you usually get at a place like Taste of India. These are well alternated, fusion-ed, and magic enhanced Indian dishes, being served at a very whimsically decorated exotic space.

I apologize but I no longer remember what we ordered for our appetizer... Let's see, this seems to be some sort of onion and meat in some sort of curry sauce ? Yeah, that's it ! Close enough. I remember it was great, but nothing is not great here at Vj's.

The Naan was so good too. I kept eating them plain and realize I shouldn't stuff my tummy with these because a better future is coming.

DENG DENG DENG. Please allow me to present you the KING OF ALL INDIAN FOOD, THE Vj's LAMB DISH. Okay, if you like lamb, or even if you don't like lamb, as long as you are not allergic to lamb, or even just a little big allergic to lamb, ORDER THIS ONE. Just tell you server I WANT THE LAMB DISH. Simple step to get you to curry heaven with Bollywood dancers dancing in the background while the main actor feeds you lamb half naked with a great body and main actress flirt with your taste buds with her beautiful eyes (or the other way around if you are a guy).

Just do it.

I don't remember our other main dish, simply because the lamb was too memorable, and my brain can only store one memory at a time. Okay, let's see... it looks like some sort of meat in some sort of curry sauce, with some sort of veggie. Yeah, that. Close enough. But it was good too, whatever it was, it was good.

Do you know that the owner of Vj's, Vikram Vij, has become one of the new dragons in Dragon's Den ? 

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