Saturday, April 11, 2015

Penang Delight

People say your favorite food is always the ones you grew up with, regardless of what you had during your childhood. I don't know about you, but this applies to me religiously. My favorite foods are those that could be found in my primary school canteen. I still remember so well what each stall served and the tastes of them. I even often dream of returning there and order everything I miss, but I could never eat them in those dreams :((( 

I have a constant craving for laksa and nasi lekma, among others like indomie with fried eggs, roti, milo, otak-otak, fishball noodle, etc. OMG I'M GOING TO DIE WRITING THIS SENTENCE. 

God bless restaurants like Penang Delight or Hawker's Delight (hey, they both have "delight"), without them, I don't know where to find an outlet for my nostalgia.

Penang Delight is always busy. I've never seen it with more than 1 empty tables. It's well decorated with a hint of South East Asian vintage elements. The menu has an abundance selection of Malaysian/Singaporean local cuisines. I often found myself lost in the sea of saliva-inducing pictures and descriptions, then ended up ordering the same things I order every single time.

I love tofu goreng and will always get this as the appetizer. It is so appetizing that after this dish you just want to eat the whole world !

Another major reason I always return to Penang Delight is for its Nasi Lemak. I don't find this dish regularly in other Malaysian/Singaporean restaurants :( And none of the places that serves it has otak-otak. So for this reason, my life will never be complete in Vancouver :(

None of the people around me, including my parents, sees the appeal to Nasi Lemak. IT IS GOOD OKAY. I just love how the rice goes so well with those salted little dried fishes and the well-flavored meat. Everything in this dish just goes so well with rice and this is all I ask for *mouth watering again

Penang Delight's Bak Kut Teh is not bad. I personally find it a little bland and the meat not as tender, and the ingredients not as plentiful, but it's pretty good for having this in a foreign country I guess.

Penang Delight is one of those places that even if it's not super tasty, I'll return to it again and again to indulge myself in my childhood foodie memories :)

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