Friday, April 3, 2015

Sura - Korean Cuisine Restaurant

My mind automatically drift to Korean food when I crave for meat, lots of meat, lots of marinated meat. I've never been to SURA and was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. The interior was really nice and refreshing ! Refreshing as in you don't see this kind of design too often - I love the roll of tables in the middle separated by silky curtains. I felt like a Korean royalty sitting in there. 

Ohhhhhhhhhh okay, the picture below explains, I guess why I felt like a royalty sitting in there, because I WAS MADE TO FEEL THAT WAY. Good one Sura, good one. 

There was soooooooo much to choose from the menu and lots of amazing set lunch options !

I had no idea which to pick. This is not how a royalty should be treated. We should be presented with EVERYTHING and we just eat whatever we want, hahaha.

*Back to reality. We are of course, no kings and queens, and we had to pick our dishes and pay for our meal :( We did end up ordering a little too much for two though.

The portions are huge so be aware when you are ordering. Be extra aware when you are ordering with a hungry stomach. 

We ordered my favorite meats - beef short ribs, pork belly, and my fav. carb dish - japchae. ALL GOOD. NO WORRY. JUST ORDER. 

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