Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yolk's Breakfast Restaurant and Commissary

I've been wanting to try Yolk's for the longest time, but then again, brunch isn't something easily achievable for me, especially when it's outside of my neighborhood. But after I tried Yolk's, it is totally worth the drive, and the wait, and the waking up early !!!  

You won't miss Yolk's. It's the only bright blue building on East Hastings. I've never tried their truck, but I heard it's equally delicious. 

We went on a weekend so the wait was especially long, about an hour. There's a kitchenware store just down the block so we went there to kill time. I actually bought a bone-shaped cookie cutter while I was browsing around in that store :D Already made some homemade nut butter gluten-free treats for my fluffy Coco as she is allergic to gluten.

We didn't even look too carefully at the menu because we literally went there for their chicken waffles ! AND THE DECISION WAS PERFECT.

We both ordered the same one, took a bite, died satisfied, and went to chicken waffle heaven.

I cannot even describe how lovely it tasted. But the both of us devoured the entire thing without much chatting. The honey was just right and didn't create an awkward salty and sweet tastes. The two flavors harmonized so well together like milk and cereal, like fries and ketchup, like salt and pepper, like bacon and egg, like vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake, like peanut butter and jam, like Frank and I. KEKEKEKEKE.

But I returned to Yolk's again after a couple weeks and decided to try something else. I was greatly disappointed ! :(((

I ordered their french toast plus a side of fruit bowl.

The French Toast was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo greasy I seriously couldn't even finish half of it. It was drenched in butter and oil ! It was soooo soaked that it wasn't even crispy, but like a thick piece of oily bread :(  The bacon wasn't crispy at all too. It was a disappointing soggy plate of brunch. Should have ordered Chicken Waffles again :( So much for trying new things !

The fruit bowl was nice though, but I mean, what can go wrong with a fresh bowl of colorful fruits.

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