Saturday, March 28, 2015

Want good pasta ? Ask for Luigi

When Ask for Luigi first opened its store, it was nearly impossible to get a seat. I remember going there for dinner and had to wait in the car for more than an hour before it was our turn. For this reason, I was reluctant to return even though I do miss their food. Their food was worth the wait too. I would totally go if there are other shops around to keep me entertained while I wait for my hour. Unfortunately, Ask for Luigi is located in an area with nothing but Ask for Luigi. So all you can do while you wait, is wait. 

I finally decided to have dinner there again when I was in the neighborhood one day. THERE WAS NO WAIT AT ALL. We were seated right away and the space was pretty empty ! Have I lucked out or is the restaurant not as popular anymore ? 

The interior is small and cozy, with a retro country look to it. I love it ! I suck at ordering cuisines where I can hardly pronounce their names, but Ask for Luigi's menu was not overly complicated. I could understand every single course ! #ESL.   

We went for the tagliatelle, chicken liver ragu & sage (first picture) and the pappardelle & duck ragu (second picture).

They taste so unique and different from each other ! I can hardly tell which I prefer. The tagliatelle has a very strong liver taste to it, so if you don't like that, you should avoid this dish. I love it. The duck ragu is a tiny bit too heavy in comparison, but it's a very delicious and flavorful "heavy". 

Mix well and ready to eat ! 

We also ordered their cauliflower as our appetizer that day but we devoured the entire plate before I remembered to take a picture. It was so delicious and not greasy at all ! It was a little sour and quite light for what it is. I remember Melissa had a crazy craving for it during her pregnancy times. Highly recommended.

I also heard very good things about their brunch ! I've never tried it and the chance for me to have that opportunity is very slim as I wake up extremely late on weekends and by the time we make it to Ask for Luigi, they will be serving dinner menu : ( Maybe one day when I become a morning person, maybe ...

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