Thursday, March 19, 2015

Phnom Penh 金邊小館 - Same Order Every Time

Phnom Penh is a very popular Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. I don't know anybody that doesn't know or haven't been to Phnom Penh. But what do everyone order there ? Because all I do is order these three dishes and call myself the happiest person in the world : 
Their famous chicken wings ! I always order this despite the fact that I can never finish it. But then once packed home, it becomes a very tasty snack for supper *water watering 

It's very crispy on the outside and the flavor, with tons of garlic sauce, just sinks into the crispy skin, and into the meat. Unlike many other fried chicken, its meat is hence also very savory. YUM YUM YUM. 

Instead of Pho in a pho restaurant, the main dish I always order is their rice plates. Especially this one below ! The winning number is 35 !!! It's the Filet Beef Luc Lac on Rice with Egg. Without the pronouns and preposition, seriously, which word in that name does not sound good to you ? *mouth watering again. It's a huge plate but I can finish the entire thing by myself, feeling my stomach exploding but still craving to stuff more down the throat.

Another winning number is number 31 !!! It's the Phnom Penh Jumbo Rice A, which consists of BBQ Chicken with Shredded Pork, with Ham and Egg on Rice. If you don't like your rice too wet and saucy like the above dish, this one is equally good but more dry. I always have a hard time choosing from the two, so I'll always convince the other party to order the one I can't pick so I can eat theirs kekeke

And lastly, this is one golden plate of Beef Sashimi. It tastes very different from the usual beef carpaccio in western restaurants or the beef sashimi in Japanese places. If you don't like raw dishes, this one might be hard to swallow as it is very raw. So raw that you might see blood at the bottom of the plate. But it doesn't taste raw at all (or maybe only to me) with all the cilantro and garlic and their unique sauce. I can finish this entire plate all by myself too ! And I usually do if I go there with Frank because Frank doesn't eat raw meat. 

There's usually a huge line up at Phnom Penh though, and most of the time, the waiter mess up your line up order and you'll have to wait even longer. It is , nonetheless, a place no one leaves regardless of the disorder. Everyone chooses to wait patiently just to get the opportunity to eat these dishes again and again and again....... 

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