Friday, March 20, 2015

KOKO MONK Chocolate

I find KOKO MONK such a adorable name for a chocolate store. I came across KOKO MONK while working with Melissa on West 1st, their chocolate selection immediately drew our attention and we stepped into the store like moths being drawn to light.  

I mean, just look at these :

I love they have superfood ingredients added to chocolates, like Goji berries and hemp hearts. Do you know that dark chocolate is a very powerful source of antioxidant ? It also helps with your metabolism and elevates your mood ! It also has proven itself very useful to help women through PMS - I really do crave for dark chocolates during those days of the month. Maybe it's self-fulfilling prophecy, but I think they help relive menstrual cramps as well. 

KOKO MONK also sell these homemade caramel in cute little jam jars. You can ask to try them if you are curious of how they taste like, or how heaven taste like... Hmmmmmm....

One thing I'm really impressed with this little shop is that it has soooo much products to offer ! And there's absolutely no fillers as every product is appealing in its own unique way.

I remember there was only one table in the store, and it was taken by a group of friends enjoying KOKO MONK's coffee. Most customers visit to buy stuff to go, and that's what we did. I assume they offer very delicious hot chocolates too !

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