Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saboten 勝博殿 - Japanese Pork Cutlets

I really really like the Japanese pork cutlets. There's this superrr nice pork cutlet restaurant in Singapore's Ngee An City  (Tonkichi, 4th floor). That's my first go to restaurant every time I return to Singapore. I'll start craving for it immediately after I book the flight tickets back.  This is because I thought Vancouver doesn't have a Japanese pork cutlet specialty restaurant. Then during a recent trip when I was connecting in Hong Kong airport, I was having such a suffering struggle to choose between Tsui Wah or Saboten. Eventually I had to go with Saboten because I thought I'll never had a chance to eat pork cutlet in Vancouver. Boy, was I wrong.

I was walking in Aberdeen food court one day shortly after I came back to Vancouver, and guess what I saw right in front of the escalator : SABOTEN , right at my face.

FML, should have eaten Tsui Wah. 

So yes yes, Saboten was located right in front of the escalator going up to the food court at Aberdeen. I must have walked pass it a billion times before but I don't know why I was so blind and never noticed it. 

Well, the presentation, of course, is not as good as restaurant quality. But it's the actual food that counts. Hmmmm, I say, it's not bad ! But unfortunately they didn't have mayo as a dip like they do in Asia, which was kind of disappointing because that was my favorite part ! Maybe I could bring a bottle of Japanese mayo with me next time I go eat.

The pork cutlets were not bad. They were flavorful, tender, and most importantly, not greasy. It was good enough to satisfy my cravings. One thing this Saboten location could improve is to place these pork cutlets on an elevated platform like they do in Asia. Or they can find some other way to separate the cabbage with the meat. This is crucial because once you pour the salad dressing onto the cabbage, the cutlets will get drenched in them until you finish. The dressing makes the meat no longer crispy and very sour :(

Wow, I didn't realize they have such a low rating on Urbanspoon. UMMMM. Well, okay, this Saboten is not the best I've had, but I'll return for its convenience and over-all good taste. 

Saboten 勝博殿 on Urbanspoon

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