Saturday, March 7, 2015

ARC Food + Drink

Life happens, and all of a suddenly everybody becomes so busy to meet as regularly as we did before. Was this only the luxury of youth to see the same friends couples times a week and do nothing productive each time ? Well, as life changes, we learn to adapt. Now as grown-ups, we find the new luxury of being able to meet in fancy restaurants, update each other while sipping on wine. (the last part was just added to romanticize the sentence, I don't usually drink wine, hahaha) 

 So this time, me and three of my close friends decided to dine at Arc. None of us had been there before, so a good exploring experience for us all. Arc is located in Fairmont Waterfront Hotel at Canada Place. I believe the restaurant is fairly new because many other bloggers blogged about their launch party summer 2014. 

The interior was really nice. I'm a sucker for high ceilings and large windows.  The restaurant itself is huge ! Quite an investment for the owner to take over the entire place for one restaurant. There were tons of seating, in this matter, and a great number of window seats. If you are coming here for a date, get a window seat. It oversees the ocean, the boats, and the beautiful lit-up night.

Only if the food is also better ...

The food was not too bad, of course, but not as impressive as the presentation of the entire space. I would say Arc offers a better experience than its food.

We went during the dineout season but you could also order from the regular menu.

It's been a while since all four of us actually made the effort to dress up and dine together ! hahaha 

Although this woman was a little behind on the "dressing up" part and had to polish her nails at the table.

The bread was really good ! All warm and flavorful - one rosemary and one garlic - with honey butter dips ! I love honey butter and I can just eat bread and honey butter all day everyyyy day. (If I don't care about the carbs, that is, but I do )

I apologize for lacking the ability (and memory) to describe each plate. While the presentation was beautiful, I only remember the taste were not as amazing. None of us really liked our (and each other's) dishes. Did I enjoy my meal ? Yes. The experience, the service, and the time with my friends were all great. Will I return again just for the food ? No. 

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