Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Left Bank

I was searching for a live music restaurant and found Left Bank. It was a really busy French Bistro located on Denman St. that I've never heard of. Their regular menu looks amazing, but unfortunately, I ran into their Dine Out week when I went. I'm usually not a big fan of Dine-Out menus but that was the only thing Left Bank offered during my visit. 

The interior was cozy and well populated by happy diners. I especially liked the industrial looking chairs. The service was amazing and the waiters all looked like they belong in a boutique French Bistro.

Below is their Dine-Out menu. We chose the Calamari and Beef Short Rib to start, followed by the Ling Cod and Pork Tenderlion as mains, and Chocolate Cake + Panna Cotta as desserts.

We were first presented with this nice bowl of flavored pop-corn before we made our orders. It was such a light snack to nibble on while we wait for our food.

The appetizers were both pretty appetizing ! They reminded me of the tapa plates you get at those Japanese Izakaya places. The salad goes well with the crispy beef, otherwise the plate might be too greasy with all the deep fried items. The Calamari was good too. But I mean, what can possibly go wrong with deep fried calamaris ? :)

The main dishes were not bad but I also wouldn't say they are overly impressive. I still look forward to trying the mains on their regular menu though. The ling cod was flavorful but the fish itself wasn't as tender as I imagined. I don't quite remember what the pork was like, but both items, in general, was tasty enough to make the meal very enjoyable.

I don't remember the exact name for this chocolate dessert. But it was SO GOOD that I had to order another one to go ! The texture was amazingly smooth and the taste so rich. I loved loved loved it. If you prefer the darker, richer chocolate taste, this is a GO TO place for it :)

The Panna Cotta was just alright but it could be because I was overly impressed by the chocolate cake that nothing after that could be called good, haha.

I will definitely return to Left Bank for its live music and its regular menu. Glad to find this little gem with so much to offer :)

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