Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hola, Salida 7

I was having this desperate craving for a nice hot plate of seafood Paella so we decided to try out this Spanish restaurant at Gastown - Salida 7. I was actually looking to go to this other Spanish place opposite of Winston Churchill, located on the second floor and thought Salida 7 was it. But it turned out to be a different place, but Salida 7 was good too ! Serendipity :D

Their menu wasn't an extensive one, but it has everything I had in mind (because I also only know a limited amount of Spanish food). We ordered a Frittata and steamed mussels to start.

The frittata was so tender and very flavorful :) But it was quite filling and because the Paella (what I went there for) was supposed to be very big and is a portion for two. Luckily Frank is a big eater. NOMNOMNOM.

The mussels were amazing and they were HUGEEEEEEEEEEE. Seriously they were one of the biggest mussels I've ever eaten ! They were huge and super meaty ! The sauce was really tasty as well. I really recommend anyone who loves mussels to try this dish :)

Finally ! The Paella ! It was a nice big portion just nice for two people. I thought the tomato sauce was a little too sour, but other than that, it did satisfied my craving.

Lastly, we ordered some churros with a chocolate dip. We were too full to have dessert actually, but when I saw Churros I couldn't help but to order it. It was worth being overly full. Salida 7 in general has a very nice vibe and service, I'll return again when my next Paella craving hits : ) 

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