Thursday, January 8, 2015

West Lake Vietnamese Kitchen

I've been eating at the West Lake Vietnamese Kitchen since I was in high school. It was my parents' favorite Vietnamese restaurant. West Lake used to be located in the Empire Centre where Double Double is now. It moved couple years ago onto No. 3 road in the same plaza as Boiling Point. I'm not a big expert on Pho, so I can't really say where serves the best one or if West Lake's is exceptionally delicious. But I've been a loyal customer for years. It's a very comfortable place for me.

I always say I crave for Pho , I crave for Pho, then I'll go to a Vietnamese restaurant but can't fight the temptation and end up ordering their rice plates. I suddenly have a great idea for Vietnamese restaurants ! They seriously should do a smaller pho bowl and a smaller rice plate and make it a combo for those who wants both !!! Like Ramen restaurants that offer small rice bowls as side orders !!! OMG, such a great idea. HELLO, OWNERS, ARE YOU READING THIS ??!! 

There are many great option combos you can get to go with your Pho or rice at West Lake. It has 6 or 7 side options such as fish balls, spring rolls, chicken wings, and beverages etc for you to choose from. There are also an entire page of different flavors/meat/ingredients of pho you can pick from, but we usually just go for the signature one with the Vietnamese raw beef : 

I really really love Vietnamese's pork chop rice plates. REALLY REALLYYY LOVE THEM. I don't know what kind of sorcery it is. The pork is so tenderly grilled and the plate tastes especially good with this sourish dressing you can pour on your rice or meat. ANDD you can add a sunny side up egg onto your plate. Anything with an egg becomes the best dish everrr.

For side dishes that day, we ordered curried fish balls and deep fried spring rolls. They are okay though, nothing too special to talk about.

Maybe I'm biased because I've been dining at West Lake for more than 10 years now, but I do think it offers better pho than any other place I've had. It's a great comfort food for me, especially in the cold winter days.

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