Monday, January 12, 2015

POSH 原燒 - Japanese Sukiyaki

Hello Richmond people, do you remember the times when you were craving for Japanese sukiyaki, and you knew where to go ? (Hint : Posh). I've always remembered POSH had good business in Richmond. There was not once I went that I didn't have to line up. I really wonder why they closed down. Weren't there several locations too ? Now, when I want POSH, I can only think of the Burnaby location, and I've heard tons of bad reviews for that specific spot - dirty, bad service, no service, poor quality food, etc. But I went anyway. Blame to power of food cravings.

I've never been to POSH since the Richmond location closed and this was my first time at the Burnaby location. Despite its horror reviews, I thought the place was okay. It was depressingly empty for dinner time and I could hear the other two tables were there because they got some sort of Groupon/Living Social deals. The interior wasn't overly pleasant but it wasn't dirty either. I thought the service was exceptionally well and the server spoke fluent English, which is rare for a Chinese/Japanese restaurant as such.

It was all - you - can - eat, but with limited options for meat, we could only order a million plates of the same beef. Okay, the meat didn't taste as good as I remembered. But then because the place was quite empty, we got served very quickly and our orders arrived as requested ( many reviewers said that they would order 10 plates and only 2 would show)

We ordered quite a few plates of vegetables too, as each order was really SOOOOOOO LITTLE, like just two or three branches of each veggie, no kidding. Oh, okay I guess I just saw it on the menu I posted below that each order is 1g, hahaha. Alright, I guess considered yourself warned. And other stuff like tofu or even mushrooms were ordered by the piece, good luck measuring how much you would eat.

Usually I don't eat much carbs when I go hot pot, because people usually just eat meat and vegetables and call it a day. But because I'm such a Chinese and I live on rice, I ignored the only likelihood I'll not have carbs and ordered this pack of instant noodle - one of the worst kind of carbs. No regrets though, it was a good addition, highly recommended.

When I eat sukiyaki, I consume a ton of eggs. Japanese people love to dip their hot pot ingredients in raw eggs, and I've picked up that habit religiously. I could eat like 4 - 5 raw eggs in one setting if it was for Sukiyaki. Everything tastes so good when dipped in raw eggs - try it !

As I mentioned earlier, pay attention to the units when you fill out your ordering sheet. This can be tricky, at least for me.

Overall, I thought it was a mediocre experience. It wasn't bad but it was not something I'd write home about. Honestly though, I made sukiyaki once at home, and I thought it tasted better than what I had in POSH. So it's either I made crazy kickass Sukiyakis or POSH has really gone on an upsetting downhill path.

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