Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY Project #2 - Air Plant Terrarium Workshop

So remember previously I attended an Open Terrarium Workshop with  Green with Envy at Giving Gifts & Company ? I had so much fun and love my terrarium so much that I returned again for another Terrarium Workshop, this time, Air Plant Terrarium.

This workshop is also hosted by Jennifer, she always instructs with a super gentle voice and answers all your questions patiently, hence making the class so relaxing and casual. All the materials and equipment were already on the table. With air plants, we decorated the terrarium with mostly dried flowers, twigs, and branches.  

Jennifer also gave us cotton flowers this time ! I have been pretty obsessed with cotton flowers ever since I got two branches from Granville Island a while ago. I put them in the dining room and they bring out a really warming Autumn/Winter vibe. So cozy, makes me really happy :) Best thing is, these kind of dried cotton flowers last forever. Seriously. 

The main item in the terrarium this time is the air plant, though I put my emphasize on the cotton flower. Air plants are also known as Tillandsia. This type of plants do no need any soil to survive because water and nutrients can be easily absorbed through their leaves. They do have roots, but the roots do not need to be planted in the earth, rather, they are used as anchors. In this case, there's no need to water them regularly because they can absorb enough moist in the air. If it's especially dry, simply spray some water on it. Like the open terrarium I made last time, air plant terrariums also do not need much sunlight and can be use as an ornament indoors.

The container we use this time has a little loop on the top, because air plant terrariums are usually being hung from somewhere. Personally, I think these are much easier and quicker to make than an open terrarium. I literally finished mine in less than 10 mins. Here are my steps : 

Step 1 : Choose your vase
In our case, we all use the same ball-shaped glass container. 

Step 2 : Fill your base layer 
Similar to open terrarium, we first fill the container with an even layer of tiny rocks. A thin layer is well enough as we don't need to root anything into this base.

Step 3 : Place your air-plants and other decors
Because you don't have to dig the soil and stabilize the plants, it's so much easier and faster. I basically just threw all the plants and colors I like into the glass and arranged them slightly. Ta-da ! Here you go, my air plant terrarium, another 500 pictures that look exactly the same :

I tied a baby pink bow on it so I can hang it somewhere. It's so ballerina and feminine <3 I love it, I love it, I love it <3

It looks really nice from the sides too
Below is C's version. She put a big branch through the glass globe and glued those tiny flowers on it, so creative right ! This is how creativity and individuality are being reflected through our work :D 

After every workshop, Jennifer will also do a draw. C was so lucky that she got a free workshop for the next time ! I've never won anything : (  I guess I'll keep going until I win something ! Good marketing strategy Jen ! haha 

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