Wednesday, January 7, 2015

HK BBQ Master 明家燒臘專家

I don't know why I always torture myself by writing these food posts when I'm hungry with no food. I can literally taste the roasted pork in my mouth now. The skin is roasted to a crispy sublimity. A thin layer of non greasy fat is sandwiched between tender and savory meat. Together with a drizzle of sweet soy sauce.... STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP , just stoppppppppp, I want to eat this naoooooo :( 

I must have done a tons of good things in my past life to have HK BBQ Master relatively close to home. However, they are often sold out of their signature roasted duck. Must go early and at the right time to have the honor to taste their roasted duck. I've only had it once so far, and it was amazing. If you wish to order the whole duck, it'd be wise to call the number below to reserve your share before they are gone like discounted TVs on Black Friday. 

HK BBQ Master is located underneath Superstore in Richmond, hence parking is usually quite plentiful. I've never entered the store without seeing a line up at the ordering counter, but to dine in store doesn't always require that long of a wait, even though they only have a handful of tables. And this is what I always do. The seating area is limited and a little crowded, but for a tiny store like this, it's reasonably well decorated. 

If you choose to dine-in, you can order at your table. I usually get the 3 Items on Rice combo because I'm greedy like that. This means you can choose 3 different kinds of meat, from BBQ Pork, BBQ Duck, Soya Sauce Chicken, Homemade Free Range Chicken, and Roasted Pork. I always just pick whatever they have left as most of the times some choices are sold out. If I do have a choice though, I'd get the BBQ Duck, Roasted Pork, and Free Range Chicken. 

I also order their daily $2 soup every time. They have a different flavor each day, but to me, I feel like they all taste the same, haha. Their choice of green vegetables also change from time to time, it's good to order one to balance the plateful of meats.

Now please take a moment to admire these beautiful dishes with saliva pouring out from your mouth:

Ohhhh, and always remember to request for this dipping sauce for your meat. It's made of cooking oil, green onion, garlic, and a little ginger. It brings the already wonderful flavor a new pleasant touch.

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