Saturday, December 13, 2014

Zakkushi Charcoal Grill

Photo Credit : Addy Saeed from
I found this cutest Zakkushi food photo by Addy Saeed, it was so well illustrated, if you could enlarge the file you could see a brief description of each item. I love Zakkushi but it's a little too greasy and unhealthy to go there on a regular basis. 

There are two Zakkushi-s in Vancouver - one on Main and one on Denman. Some people prefer the Denman location. Taste wise, I have no preference. I prefer the Main location because it's so much easier to reserve and park. Both locations are a little crowded and always busy, so it's not so easy to make a reservation for bigger groups. What I love about Zakkushi is that you can order everything by per skewer, so whether you are dining with a big group or just a date of two, it's easy to make orders according to your appetite. You don't even need to compromise ! You can order what you like and not force to eat what you don't. That's the best part. 

We ordered almost all the skewers from the menu that day, so it's hard for me to recall what everything is. I really recommend their pork skewers - Zakkushi offer premium pork and has many different selections to choose from. Each has its unique taste and texture, it's highly recommended to try all. I also always order beef tongue whenever it's available on the menu. All these BBQs are rather dry if that's all you eat, so a bowl of warm oden is the best combo. Zakkushi's oden is a great comfort food, especially in a cold winter day.

At the end, you will end up with this bucket full of empty skewers and a satisfied tummy. 

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