Monday, December 15, 2014

Long's Noodle House 小龍記

超好吃 :D That means super tasty in Chinese. This is really my favorite place for Shanghainese cuisine, although I visit Dinesty much more regularly because it's closer to home. Long's doesn't offer the best environment or service, in fact, I've heard tons of complaints regarding its customer service. However, I've always thought although their manners are not the best, it's quite homely. It's a tiny shop located on Main. It's not eye catching at all, and the space might even look a little dirty (it's actually pretty clean inside), which to me, only suggest more authenticity. 

I remember Richmond's Shanghai River was rated really highly for their Shanghainese cuisine. If I don't remember wrongly, they even won some related awards. I honestly think Long's is better. Long's is not famous for just a couple specific dishes, but everything. We ordered the stuff below last time we went, and EVERY SINGLE ITEM tasted delicious.  It's hard to even pick the best dish because they are all equally tasty in their own ways.

Below is Wine Chicken. Basically, it's chicken being soaked and cooked with Chinese cooking wine. The taste of alcohol is so strong and the chicken is soooo flavorful, I love it ! I'm swallowing my saliva now as I type, no kidding. I just worked out and am so hungry but dinner is not yet ready :( I'll do anything to have this dish right nowwwwww T_________T

Wine Chicken 
Next is the Snow Cabbage & Pork fried with Rice Cake. For those of you who are not familiar with Chinese Rice Cakes, they are tiny "cakes" that's made of condensed rice being compressed together. It is as filling as how it sounds. Its texture is a little sticky, but not as sticky as sticky rice. Rice cake by itself has no taste, but it tastes really good when being fried with the described combo as snow cabbage itself absorbs sauces really well and pork brings its natural oil.  

Snow Cabbage & Pork Rice Cake 
Beef Roll
Fried Baicai (dou miao)
Steamed Pork Bun
And deng deng deng, my favorite, Red Bean Paste Cookie ! YUMYUMYUM these "cookies" are filled with red bean paste which are not too sweet. The outside is sticky rice "cookies" being pan friend but are not as greasy as some of the ones being sold elsewhere. It's very crispy and the ratio, rice to paste, is ideallllllll. I often crave for Long's Red Bean Paste Cookies and sometimes I'd go just to buy them to go. 

Red Bean Paste Cookie
Stick Rice Ball Soup
This white rice balls above is actually glutinous/sticky rice balls and osmanthus in fermented glutinous rice.  The soup base is a very typical Chinese food item and is called alcohol fermented rice, although the alcohol content is actually very very low. This dish, if cook with egg, is known to help grow big boobies, hahaha. You are supposed to consume this recipe everyday for a lengthy period of time to see results.

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