Wednesday, December 10, 2014

World's Best Chocolate Award

Not too long ago, I heard this chocolate company named Mink has won the Best Chocolate Award. And it's in Vancouver ! Because of that, most of their chocolate bars were sold out for the longest time. I didn't bother to go pay a visit because I personally am not a big fan of sweet stuff. I crave for desserts, or chocolates, from time to time, but I won't go out of my way to get them.

But some friends were visiting from Los Angeles, so we brought them to purchase some Mink as souvenirs to bring back. That was my first time there too. Mink is located close to Canada Place in a adorable little plaza surrounded by lights and tress, and this is all I know, I probably won't be able to find it again myself.

You will find its Best Chocolate Award displayed right after the entrance. This is seriously the best marketing tool for them as most of us have never heard of Mink prior to award. I'm not sure how it was rated actually, because I didn't feel like the chocolates were exceptionally great. But then again, they won the best chocolate BAR award ... So it's true that I can't really think of any other chocolate bar that's better. 

The interior is no different from any other dessert shops in Vancouver, with big display cases showing the desserts and pastries they offer. They also serve some hot drinks, such as coffee and hot chocolates. Nothing special.

BUT, I have to say, I am pretty impressed by the packaging and branding of their chocolate bars. I wonder who did their branding. After working with a branding company to build my own brand, I start to really appreciate the efforts business owners put in to differentiate their products. Some creativity is just amazing - it's like watching a very imaginative cartoon.

The bars were stacked in different flavors. Unlike regular chocolate bars that are rather rectangular and long, these ones look like very thin cigarette cases and the boxes suggests good quality at first sight. The color tone is very appealing too, with pale pastel colors for the majority, and a few darker, warmer colors to match with their flavors.

The description of the flavors were written on the boxes, suggesting each unique taste - Champagne and Truffle, Earl Grey, Rose, etc. I was tempted to get one of each, really, and all for the packaging. Don't you just want to collect them all ? However, C with her logical mind, filtered out the ones she didn't think I'll like out, and I ended up picking only a few that don't sound overly sweet.

And of course, the BLUE one. This is the one that won the award - it's Burnt Caramel and Fleur De Sel with a hint of Rosemary. Sounds so fancy for a chocolate bar right ? So fancy that I can't even pronounce the entire thing. But Fleur De Sel is a kind of hand-picked sea salt. I can really taste the Caramel, sea salt, and that hint of rosemary in this one. It's pretty amazing actually, for all these flavors to exist distinctively in one small piece of chocolate bar. They even come in that order ! OKAY, I guess it does deserve that award now that I'm analyzing deeper into it, hahaha. 

It's chocolate week for me ! I also got this Godiva chocolate box from Chen, who's my blog's biggest fan ! :D I actually don't know who reads my blog and who actually likes it ... because I literally have to force Frank to read it (by sending him the specific link to each post) and then test him on the content. hahahaha I sound so annoying. 

Anyway, I ended up buying these flavors -

  • Champagne Truffle, 
  • that BLUE one, Goji & Blueberry, 
  • French Hazelnut & Almond Parline, 
  • and Earl Grey Tea in Chocalate Ganache. 

So far I think I really like the Goji one, then the BLUE one. All of the bars is very rich in flavor, and I haven't tasted one that's too sweet for my liking. But to be fair, I really don't think this is the absolute BEST chocolate bar in America. Moreover, taste is such a subjective thing, who was there to judge this is the best one ? Or best in what aspect ? 

Overall, the chocolate bars are pleasant, but I do feel the award is a little overrated. 

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