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Kitsilano - Daily Kitchen

I was eating at the Farmers Apprentice, and realized there's another farm-to-table restaurant I really like - The Daily Kitchen. It's different from the Farmer's Apprentice in that it appears to be more of a fine dining experience. The atmosphere of the Daily Kitchen is also a lot more formal and less vibrant. The price, however, is about the same. 

Like Farmer's, KitsDaily offers a different menu daily depends on the fresh ingredients the chef gets on the day of. I have visited couple times through out the years, and I remember being very filled with delicious food each time. 

I went with Melissa that day, in the name of celebration. We seem to always be celebrating something, but if your really ask us what we are celebrating, we won't be able to give you a concrete answer, haha. But hey, life is about celebrating all the little moments you appreciate :) 


No, of course, we didn't. But for the entire night, we were the only guests there. I was very surprised because the restaurant was fully booked the last couple times I went. We went during dinner time and dined till around 9, no one walked in, ever. The place was so empty that I felt bad letting the chef prep and cook so much stuff just for the both of us.

I said so much stuff, because we ordered the tasting menu.

We were first served with warm sourdough bread. It was sooooo goooood. I love love love their sourdough. Everytime I have sourdough somewhere else, I'll mention Daily Kitchen's sourdough - it's so soft, warm, and chewy. Together with the olive oil + vinegar , heavennnnnnnn, I'm in heavennn.

First dish, pardon me, but I'm going to make up names again - Octopus and ... damn, I can't even make up names. And because it's a different menu everyday, I can't even cheat and go look up its menu online. But as you can tell, it's some sort of Octopus. I remember liking it a lot.

WHY WHY WHY WHY DO YOU DEMAND NAMES. I'm not going to stress myself over a plate of food - this is clams and lobster, with some sort of rich broth. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm not good with names, sue meeeeeeeee *goes crazy. I like this one too, sorry that's all the information I can give because I'm a crappy blogger.

OHOHOH, I remember this one. This is pork belly. I'm not sure at this point I was either too full to appreciate or this wasn't as good as the previous dishes, but I thought this one was a little too heavy. The meat was too fatty and the non-fatty part, a bit dry and tough.

This is duck. I love duck meat and I'll order it whenever I see it. Again, I felt like all dishes after the appetizers were not as amazing, but that really could be because I greedily ate too much sourdough and got myself too full to enjoy the mains. I once more found it a little too heavy.

Can you feel just by looking at the pictures JUST HOW FULL I WAS ? After that plate of duck meat, we were presented with this plate of elk meat and foie gras risotto. Are you kidding me ? Seriously. I felt like I ate a couple day's worth of dinner. At this point, all I wanted to eat was that grape tomato you see on the side. I desperately craved for something light. I think the tasting menu would be perfect if the meal was made significantly lighter, it would really save the cost for the restaurant too. If you want a finer dining experience but don't like those small portions on huge plate style - go to Daily Kitchen - I promise you will be so full you won't want to ever eat again.

To our relief, dessert came light. I'd die right there if it was a double chocolate cake or something. Dessert was this pudding/cream burlee thingni covered with fresh berries and sprinkle of pom. It was really good so despite how my stomach was going to explode, I finished the whole thing.

The food experience overall was very pleasant, I'd go again but won't go for the tasting menu because it was just too much food for a tiny girl like myself. The service, however, was not tooooo great. The waitress did her job - introduce us the specials, the menu, but didn't put in effort to insert a little small talk. I know it's not necessary, but for a restaurant like this, I thought it was only polite to chit-chat with the customers a tiny bit. Even just a "how's your day?" should be sufficient. But of course, she wasn't rude or anything, and was professional, so I was still satisfied with my "celebration" dinner.

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