Wednesday, December 3, 2014

East No. 1 Restaurant

It's literally impossible for me and Frank to find somewhere to have proper lunch during weekends because we sleep in like there's no tomorrow, or more like, like there's a billion tomorrows. When I say "sleeping-in", I don't mean sleeping until noon, but around 2pm. And that's the time when most restaurants close for their afternoon breaks. Most dim sum places have their last calls at 1, or 2 the latest. Brunches too, end at around the same time. So very often, we would drive around aimlessly looking for a nicer lunch place that would take us in.

So that day, we ended up in Steveston Village, walking around looking for food with Coco, and found this dimsum restaurant looking all new and welcoming at the end of No. 1 road ! After studying the menu being posted on the window, we decided let East No 1 be our super late lunch option that day.

The interior is very simple and a typical Cantonese Restaurant. As we went at an odd time, there were only us and another table. When we were looking at the menu, I overheard that only table complaining about the food being "too salty" and "I can make better food at home". I exchanged a "ohhh noooooo, what have we gotten us into" look with Frank but felt obligated to stay and order since we had already sat down and our tea served. 

I can't speak for their dinner menu as we only ordered from the dimsum selections. There were very little dim sum dishes to choose from and for lunch, we didn't feel like ordering big sharing plates. It wasn't too expensive but I wouldn't pay for it again for what we had. And for new opening, they had this $1 soup or beverage with noodle/rice item combo thing. 

One of my favorite dish to order is Black Bean Pork Ribs (below), but I really didn't like what I had at East No. 1 - the ribs were too oily and too much fat. I could taste very little black bean and the meat wasn't tender enough : ( But I wasn't too disappointed because most places can't make this dish just the way I like it (except for Kirin, Kirin is awesome <3 ) 

Cod fish and Tofu 

Deep Fried White Radish 
Xiao Long Bao 
I wish I can write more about each dish but none of them is memorable. It filled us alright, and we didn't complain like that table close by. However, I don't think East No. 1 is a place I'll want to revisit. 

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