Sunday, November 30, 2014

Moncton Cafe - Japanese Curry

So from my previous Indian curry review , you should be able to tell that I love all kinds of curry and I'm glad curry exists in so many cultures. I love Japanese curry, especially if you eat it with hamburger steak *droll. Japanese curry is sweeter and thicker than Indian curries. It's very buttery and most of the time, non-spicy. I can't think of any Japanese-curry specialty restaurants, am I right ? But I consider Moncton to be one of them. It's located on Moncton St. within the Steveston Village of Richmond. Parking is relatively easy as there are tons of free street parking near-by. Reservation is normally not necessary. 

Moncton Cafe has a huge selection of curry dishes - look, one entire page of them ! I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to eat, but I ended up sticking with the very typical hamburger curry with pork Katsu. Everything else looked good too ! I shall return again and again to finish tasting them all!

Its interior is very simple. Clean and simple - sufficient for what it has to offer. And because unlike many smaller and more crowded Japanese restaurants, Moncton is pretty spacious and hence quite child/baby friendly. They even provided baby utensils and kid's menu :D I remember always ordering from children's menu when eating at Japanese restaurants when I was a kid. I still remember I used to really love this Japanese restaurant located in Takashimaya in Singapore, their kid's menu always include thick cut fries and was decorated with mini flags. There was also this huge Sailormoon poster vending machine close by, and I remember getting a couple posters from there while waiting in line for dinner. Ahhh ... those were the simpler times.

Let's see the yumyums we ordered that day :

Chicken Karaage - very tender and relatively less greasy than usual
Yam Fries, yummmmmmmmm 
Chicken Curry
Hamburger Steak + Pork Katsu curry 
Matcha Brownie - super good 
I wouldn't say Moncton Cafe is my favorite but I really have nothing to complain about it. I like it ! I like everything we ordered including the desserts. I'm glad it's pretty close to where I live so I can revisit whenever the craving comes :)) 

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