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Sea Harbor Seafood Restaurant

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So whenever my parents are in town, we have this family tradition that we will go yumcha every Sunday. However, for more than 10 years, my parents stubbornly stick to the same restaurant for dimsum - Kirin in Richmond. I'm not sure if I'm just brain-washed or got used to it, Kirin has thus become my favorite place for dimsum. I never thought to venture out too, until recent years, and this is how I found Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant.

When my friends first suggested to go Sea Harbour, I was not exactly excited about it because I had dinner there a couple times and remember I was not too impressed. But their dimsum was not too bad, so is the environment. It's located by the RiverRock Casino in Richmond, on the ground floor. There is free parking allllllllllll the way spinning to the top of the parking lot. You really really have to be careful when parking in that building, just follow Sea Harbour's sign all the way up to the roof top floor and park ONLY at where it says it's for Sea Harbour , otherwise you will easily get a ticket, like me : ( 

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They were pretty busy last time we visited on a weekend, luckily I made reservations because the restaurant was filled when we got there.  It's unfortunate that Vancouver lacks one of those really authentic dim sum restaurants where dimsum dishes are being pushed around on carts and customers can just take whatever they want. I miss those yum cha experiences, come to think about it, I hardly see that anywhere now. Is it true? 

Anyway, so we ordered from the menu, of course. Some typical dishes: 

叉燒包 (Cantonese Chashu pork bun) I'm just making up names here, so don't count on it. 

鼓汁鳳爪 Black Bean Chicken Feet 

鼓汁排骨 Black Bean Ribs
鮮蝦腸粉 Shrimp wrap hahahahah 
忘記了 I Forgot 

天下第一蘇 World's No. 1 Crispy Bun, this one I'm not joking, this is what it's called and it's great ! 
鴨蛋南瓜什麼的 This is something of pumpkin and duck yolk, it's sooooooooo goooood. My Fav Dish there <3
皮蛋瘦肉粥 Preserved Eggs + Pork Congee 
Overall, I think the food is not bad but not something I'll write home about. I personally still prefer Kirin to anything. But Sea Habour do have certain yummy dishes that Kirin doesn't offer, such as the pumpkin duck yolk thing, so after all, it's still worth an occasional visit :)

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  1. The picture shared by you of Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant is just beautiful. Hey you know I just love having dimsum with tangy sauce of Boston restaurants with my friends. We order our favourite drinks there. You know sometimes we get complementary drinks also. The black bean chicken feet looks so yummy.


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