Monday, August 15, 2022

[Where To Stay] My Birthday Staycation - The Paradox Hotel ❤

My birthday was celebrated at the new Paradox Hotel, and it was one of the most thoughtful hotel stay I've ever had ! 

Let me start by telling you a little bit about the hotel first. Paradox Hotel is located in Downtown Vancouver, dangerously closed to all the luxurious boutique stores. It is also a very short drive away from Stanley Park, English Bay, Vancouver Aquarium, Science World, Gas Town, and many other famous touristy spots. Paradox's hotel staff also pride themselves on being the most "in the know" - you can depend on them to let you in on the most exclusive restaurants and clubs, and the best hidden gems in the city. 

It's a stunning and luxurious building with matching interior. They are very sophisticated but unpretentious, and offers a very intimate and homey atmosphere. The hotel lobby gives out a "home away from home" vibe, with furniture and decors you can often find in an upscale house. 

The personalized service started upon checking-in. Our front-desk staff already knew our names (including my dog's!) before any introduction. Our room was ready within minutes after a swift and smooth check-in procedure. 

Some "boutique" hotels are being associated with a lack of comprehensive amenities. Not the Paradox Hotel. The Paradox Hotel has filled its space with the locally famous upscale Chinese restaurant, Mott 32. Its entrance space is also thoughtfully utilized into a modern dining and drinking lounge - the Karma Lounge. Paradox Hotel also hosts the only pool party night club in Vancouver, the Mansion Nightclub. 

Karma Lounge
The amazing wine display in the Karma Lounge

The Mansion turns into a vibrant nightclub at night, and during the day, it opens up the dance floor to reveal an indoor pool.

Mansion Night Club during the day 

It's a swimming pool during the day, and this pool could become a dance floor at night !

Of course, Paradox has a state-of-the-art gym that's equipped with many premium workout machines. 

And last but not least, the Xylia Natural Spa at Paradox Hotel offers a luxurious couple's massage in this romantic massage suite that comes with a jacuzzi !

Now, our room ! 

I was so so so pleasantly surprised when I stepped into our room. Paradox knows I was spending my birthday there and so they decorated my room for me ! There were a "Happy Birthday" sign, pink tassels, and they even filled the beautiful standup bathtub with pink and white balloons !!! I was also welcomed with birthday drinks and some treats !!! 

Not just the birthday decors, Paradox Hotel is also pet friendly, and they included a comfy dog bed and even a card for my puppy! 

Every room at Paradox features panoramic views of the city through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Room amenities include electric auto close/open blinds and shades (my favorite feature!), free-standing soaker baths, coffee station, heated marble floors, 55" to 65" Samsung TV, complimentary WiFi, room service, separate rain shower and toilet room. 

The interior design is modern, edgy, yet cozy and comfortable. 

Our room also came with a GIGANTIC patio, which offers beautiful views of downtown Vancouver. 

Paradox Hotel Vancouver_Executive One Bedroom_Balcony
Picture from Paradox Hotel

Now, the FOOD.

We couldn't make a reservation at the Mott 32 (because it's super popular!), so we decided to have my birthday dinner at the Karma Lounge as they serve dinner selections as well.

And OMG, the food was GOOD! I personally prefer dinner at Karama Lounge to Mott 32 ! The food really impressed me ! 

Karma Lounge is located in the main floor. It's modern, welcoming, with high and lively energy ! Their dinner menu offers fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. 

Every dish was delicious ! We would honestly return just for the food at Karma Lounge ! We had a wonderful time there to say the least. 

For breakfast the next day, we ordered their room service. 

All the food we got looked and tasted amazing ! We requested a late check-out and dined luxuriously from the comfort of our bed with Luna (our puppy). 

My entire birthday staycation at the Paradox Hotel, from start to end, has been incredible and a memorable experience. I truly appreciate all the efforts and small thoughtful details the team at Paradox Hotel put into my short one-night stay. 

I highly highly recommend anyone traveling from outside of Vancouver to stay at Paradox Hotel. This is not just because of its convenient location, I am certain that the staff there will take great care of you ! I also urge any locals who need a staycation to try spending a night or two at the Paradox Hotel. The luxurious experience will definitely offer you the vacation you need, within your own city ! 

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