Tuesday, February 28, 2023

[IVF Journey] Our First Pregnancy : Week 5 to 6

I wrote the blog below during week 5-6 of my first pregnancy. Many people asked me on my Instagram to share my symptoms before my first loss, so I thought it might be helpful for some of you as a reference. 

But please keep in mind that every individual is different, and our similar or different symptoms don't mean they will lead to the same result. Stay positive and I wish you all the best.

Week 5 - 6 

I definitely feel more difference and inconveniences these two weeks. In addition to my early pregnancy symptoms noted HERE, I've also been experiencing :

I'm not physically tired, but just really really really sleepy. I can sleep a good 10 hours at night, and get sleepy again after a few hours of being awake. I'm really really really sleepy throughout the day. I am sleepy right now as I type this, and I just woke up an hour ago ! But because I don't want to waste so much time taking naps, I try to stay awake and active. I find going out for fresh air and walks really helps.

Lower Back Pain 
Maybe it's my posture, I've been having periodic, mild lower back pain. It is certainly not unbearable though, but still quite a bothersome thing to have.

- Morning Sickness 
This is something I'm scared of the most. I read that morning sickness will usually start at week 5, but thank God, I haven't gotten any so far. Well, I feel a very slight discomfort, usually after I eat, but it goes away as faintly and quickly as it arrives. I hope this is as bad as it gets throughout my entire pregnancy. I am extremely paranoid about vomiting and gagging.

UPDATE: week 6 - I'm feeling nauseated more and more often now. I don't want to vomit or gag, but just generally not feeling 100%. Greasy smell, food, or even thoughts make me feel very uncomfortable. I hope this won't last all 9 months 😭😭😭

Vivid Dreams and Insomnia 
I'm not totally convinced that this is due to pregnancy, because I tend to dream a lot, and have vivid dreams prior to getting pregnant anyway. But the insomnia is what's bothersome. My insomnia isn't having trouble to fall asleep, but having trouble to stay in deep sleep. I find myself waking up couple times a night, either due to dreams, or just some discomfort I can't quite pin point. During the times when I find myself awake in the middle of the night, my brain becomes abnormally active, and I'll start to overthink and stress myself with random thoughts or things I need to do.

- Food Cravings 
Although I always have cravings, I find my cravings during pregnancy to be more unexpected. I've been craving dehydrated mango and dehydrated plum, or just sour fruity things in general. Today, I'm craving Mentaiko Yaki Udon, and Imma get it !

Mood Swing 
I don't think I have mood SWING, but I definitely have become more hormonally emotional. Few nights after I have accepted the fact that I am pregnant, I suddenly became really sad. I was cuddling with Frank in bed, just enjoying our couple time, then suddenly, it hit me - that Frank and I will not have these quiet romantic moments to ourselves, for perhaps a long long long time. I told Frank about my concern and out of no where, I CRIED ! He comforted me obviously, but I still felt really really sad ! (I still kinda do, is this just me or is this thought normal ???)

I very very rarely cry. I NEVER cry watching anything, throw me any Tearjerker movie (except Marley and Me), and I won't even shed a tear. But I was just watching Chernobly trailer, and I CRIED !


The app, What to Expect when you are Expecting, is such a useful guide to have on your phone. I highly recommend new expecting mothers to download it, even just for the fun little facts it offers everyday. It also tells you the different symptoms you may feel during each week , videos of baby's growth, and a general to do list. I would be more than happy to pay for the app, but IT'S FREE !

The app tells me that by week 5, our baby is as big as an orange seed, and this week, week 6, it's as big as a sweet pea. Baby started as a vanilla bean seed, to a poppy seed, from week 1 to week 2.

My mindset hasn't changed much. I'm still feeling very neutral about the whole thing, except a little irritated about some of the symptoms. I'm not sure if it's "correct" to feel this way, I don't feel like a mother yet, but this almost make me seem like a "bad mom" ? I'm not sure if I am supposed to feel extra happy and excited at such early stage ? I'm sure everyone is different, but please share with me how you felt when you first found out about your pregnancy !

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