Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Science of Cocktail 2018 Event Photo Blog


Now close your eyes and imagine. Okay, maybe don't close your eyes because you need it to read my blog, but just imagine, the entire science world, all floors and corners, are filled with booths that serve all you can eat + all you can drink foods and cocktails by famous local restaurants and bartenders. Did I mention it's ALL YOU CAN EAT/DRINK ?

I think many of you are already sold at this point. You're welcome, you can buy your 2019 pre-sale tickets HERE.

For those that need a little more convincing, read on...

Science of Cocktail is an annual fundraising event that takes place inside Science World. This year, there were 1500 attendees and raised over $276,000 for the Science World's Class Field Trip Bursary Program. The program is meant for the underserved schools to offer free field trips to the Science world ! It definitely feels amazing to have a fun time, eat, drink, AND all for a good cause.

I arrived earlier than the general public as their media guest and had the opportunity to witnessed the set up of all the booths. I also had the luxury to chat with some of the bartenders and learned about their drinks. There was such high levels of creativity and thoughts put into each recipe, the display, and the presentation of each. I was very impressed how every station wasn't merely serving their menu, they really managed to tie everything to science. It was truly a magical evening of molecular gastronomy !

The luckiest thing was being able to start trying all the foods and drinks before Science World opened its doors to 1500 people ! I would highly recommend getting the VIP ticket if you don't mind the higher price point, because once the general admission guests rushed in, each booth was PACKED with line ups and line ups of people.

Being VIP, you get to enjoy early entry, and there's no line ups at all ! You also have the exclusive luxury to use the VIP lounge, which serves different drinks and foods. The best part for me is definitely the early entry without the crowd and line ups, that way I get to try everything, once, twice, or even three times :D

I am actually not a drinker at all. And by not a drinker, I mean I only drank at most two sips from each drink and handed the rest to Frank. But I still had so much fun ! I think it's a great party to attend with your friends, so regardless of how much you drink, you will have lots of fun. The energy of the entire place is just so exciting not to !

Also, obviously because you are in Science World, you get to experience all the Science World exhibitions and facilities while drinking and eating. They are like games !

Lastly, I'll showcase my wonderful night to you in pictures :


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