Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Soft Peaks Ice Cream

Frank and I went to visit Soft Peaks during the very initial days of their grand opening. The line up was so impressive for an ice cream shop on a cold winter day.The queue literally went out of the door and pouring onto the Gastown streets. Everyone was shivering but also patiently waiting.  Really had to give them the props for having the courage to open in the winter. I wouldn't dare to do that despite how confident I feel about my products. 

Their logo contains elements from the honeycomb they use ! I used to be unable to look at anything that resembles a bee hive. This is a phobia called Trypophobia. If you are unfamiliar with the term, try google image it, you will become trypophobic in that instant, guaranteed ! My hair is standing up now as I type that word *shivers

Honeycomb soft serve seems like the THING for ice cream now. I think it was originated from Japan (or Korea). It was a HUGE thing in some East Asian countries last year, but seem to be dying down a little now. We had the exact same thing from another company called HoneyBee when we visited LA last year, in their Korean Town. We went especially for it too, because I couldn't wait to see what the hype was about. It turned out to be Meeeeeeeeeh ~

Then Soft Peaks open in Vancouver. I decided to go again and see what the hype was about. I think it's better than the LA one ! :D

After the really long lineup, we finally got inside to see the interior. It was quite simply decorated, but I do like the white tiles + light wood combination.

Frank took some of the photos above and I took some, with the same camera, can you tell the difference ? Whenever we took pictures of the same subject, I'll complain how he has a better camera, he has a better phone, hence he produces better pictures, but sometimes, the truth is, it's not the equipment, it's the photographer. #realitycheck

I left Frank downstairs to lineup and order while I went upstairs to grab us a seat. Hello, can you spot that silly man ? He looked lost with a board of menu presented in front of him, hahaha.

Upstairs has some "window seats" where you can spy creepily on the people downstairs while you enjoy your ice cream. They have a short description on the wall. I love how everywhere (and more people) is trying to be more health-conscious now. It's exciting to see Vancouver evolving into an even healthier city so rapidly in these recent years. 

Now, the product.

We ordered the original with the honey comb in regular size and a Himalayan Salt in a smaller size. I love the ice cream itself ! I love how milky and rich it is ! It almost seemed like it was made of pure cream instead of organic milk. The soft soft is superrrrrrrr milky I felt like I was sucking milk out directly from a cow hahahaha. The honeycomb was a honeycomb. Some people don't like the texture but I do. The Himalayan Salt doesn't taste too different from the original except just saltier. 

We should have ordered both small. In the end, as much as I love the milky flavor, it became too rich after couple bites. We struggled to finish both cups but couldn't. Next time maybe we will just share a regular or even a small :) Some reviewers said Soft Peaks is overrated. Is it overrated ? Ummm, well, it doesn't taste as good as the incredibly long line up during a winter day. But it is definitely worth a try or even a return, in my opinion :) 

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