Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life is Not Boring, Maybe You Are

Too often, I've heard people complaining about how boring a place is. When I was living in Los Angeles, I remember complaints about how uneventful LA was. Then I moved to San Fran. for two years, and it was such a great city, but many still told me life there was mundane. Not to mention Vancouver, I've heard countless times of how lifeless it is. I never understand these people for I keep falling in love with the places I reside in. There's always so much charm for me to discover. 

I haven't felt bored since high school. I vaguely remember feeling bored when I was younger and I would maybe talk on the phone for hours, or scratch my head to find something to do. I remember typing on ICQ (btw, I still remember my ICQ number ! It is 81380808) to friends saying "I'm bored, let's find something to do." I haven't done that or say that for a long long long time.  That is, nonetheless, a luxury that I miss. 

I've been busy since I could last remember,  regardless where I was. Even in college. It was a campus with and surrounded by nothing of my interest. Going to Wal-Mart was a great joy. I acknowledged it was one boring place, but I don't recall ever being bored there. Audrey and I were good at filling in the blanks with things that made us happy. And boy, were we swamped ! It was four years where I wished I could have more hours in a day to complete all I needed to do. It was hell of a boring place, but I really don't remember feeling empty there. 

School days were busy. But I was busier during school holidays with all my days planned - there was always something to do, someone to meet, and parents to accompany. After graduation, work took over most of my time. But this made my free time even more precious. Even my lunch breaks were never lack of activities. Being occupied doesn't mean spending time with another person. I am often alone - all the tasks I assigned myself, the luxurious relaxation to just surf the net carelessly, the warm evening hours playing with Coco, and now my blog ! Oh, and the books, all those books I wish I have more time to finish. I always find something to engrossed myself with, regardless where I am or who I have as company. 

Life is never dull for me. I'm sure, to a lot of people, I do not have an exciting life. I hardly party anymore, I have a small close knit of friends, my work is education related, my boyfriend is a huge geek, and my family more traditional than the majority.  It really is my attitude towards life that makes me feeling fulfilled. It's difficult to keep this attitude consistent, of course. I do have negative and grumpy days. But I pride myself on my ability to keep an active life, and to find excitement and fun in monotonous details. 

Life is only boring if you are. It is only possible to find true satisfaction when you are capable of being happy by yourself, when your peace of mind and happiness are not defined by or depended on anyone or anything external - be it a loved one, a city you reside in, a materialized possession, or a companion. Fill your thoughts with quality content. It is only then, when you have absolutely nothing to do, will you find true freedom and that powerful authority - the independent dominance over your own contentment.

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