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Cream Puffs of Vancouver

Photo Credit : Beta 5
Speaking of cream puffs, most people must have tried, or at least heard of, Beard Papa's. Regardless how common place it is, I think Beard Papa's tastes very good ! I often walk pass the one inside Richmond Center, and its aroma always always always lured me to purchase one.

I only buy their original flavor but that's also because I've never tried others. I just realize, despite how much I love to try new restaurants, once I become a regular at one place, I tend to stick to the same menu selections. I never venture out to order new food items because I return to that restaurant craving for certain specific items. Hmmmmm, moment of enlightenment. Maybe I should make a vow now to at least order one new item when I return to those restaurants I frequent ! OKAY ! IT'S GONNA START NOW AS WE SPEAK. Hi Readers, you have just witnessed an important change and milestone of my life ! 

Anyway, back to Bread Papa's, their original flavor is very good ! I love how it's not too sweet and the cream and shell ratio is just nice. I'm going to try it's matcha flavor next time because of my vow ! I frequent the Beard Papa's inside Richmond Centre the most. You can smell the fresh puffs stores away, how can you not buy one and make a mess on your face while you try to shop like a lady :D 

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Next up ! Put on your shades as I'm about to present you the holy grail of cream puffs. Considered yourself warned because its halo is going to blind you !!! (especially if you are reading this on your phone before you sleep with all lights turned off, who's doing that ? )


These are seriously the best cream puffs in the entire universe, or even in the parallel cream puff universe. I assure youuuuuuu. It's located in the commercial kitchen/ warehouse area in Strathcona. Not a very fancy neighborhood. But that's what you get for being impeccably tasty and famous - you don't need a good location to draw traffic; which in turn saves you cost on rent too. How lucky *stares with envy. 

Beta 5 is indeed situated in one of the commercial kitchens (I assume), but made it into a retail store front. It actually looks pretty nice and sophisticated ! The merchandises are all packaged in very clean and simple boxes.

They have these jar cakes from time to time. I LOVE THEM. These are as creative as their cream puffs. The taste of each is so delicate and always a good surprise at each bite. The cakes are also not too sweet but the flavors are so perfectly blended together that they are definitely not bland.

Beta 5 is initially known for its award-winning chocolates. Many people do like them but I personally don't eat much sweets so I can't truly appreciate these.

And of course, their cream puffs are the GODS IN HEAVEN. 

You first put your orders in this sheet so they can better deliver the service and products.

While you wait for your heaven to arrive upon you, you get to admire their clean and tidy kitchen through the window.

And admire all the chocolates on display :

And buy them, even though I know I won't eat much : 

I purchased the all chocolate and concord grape jars and loved both ! Even Frank who eats even less sweet stuff than I do loved it ! 

The cream puff was delicious as ever. I purchased just the banana flavor one last time but I've tried all of them before. I believe they do change the flavors on a regular basis too ! I like every single flavor I've tried. The Blueberry and Yuzu one is my favorite too.

In the beginning, it is very difficult to restrain yourself and not buy a whole box. So that's what we often did when we visited Beta 5 for the first couple of times. It is good to go with friends so you can purchase many flavors and share and not over eat, haha. 

Once again, the beautiful chocolates that I hardly eat. They are so beautiful though ... 

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Can you smell the strong coffee scent ? :) 

Well, Papparoti bun is not really a cream puff, but close enough, so I'm going to include it here. It is located further down Robson in a very hipster space. I super love this kind of interior though, even if it has becoming a little over done by all the new cafes popping up in Vancouver this year. What can I say, I love wood !!!
Photo from Papparoti website
I love Papparoti's coffee buns, but not in Vancouver. Papparoti is an international chain store and there's numerous locations in Asia. They are SO cheap in Asia and it's not even because of the currency, Papparoti is considered as a relatively cheaper brand even in comparison to other local snack shops. You can often find them in subway stations or in a food court. In Vancouver, however, it is ridiculously expensive ! Or at least to me they are because I am used to getting them at a very cheap price. And I honestly think the buns in Asia taste better and more flavorful. 

My very disappointed face :( 

The buns are huge and they taste better if served in store. Do not over buy or pack them home is my warning for you :D 
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Chewy Junior is the newest of all the cream puff stores ! We excitedly went to visit when they first opened for business. When we were there, the shop was extremely busy and all the puffs were sold out. The owner was so happy, of course, when the shop was so warmly welcomed by the locals. He was very friendly and apologetic for the fact that the puffs were almost all sold out. Melissa and I urgently bought all the ones that was left, leaving the customers behind us with nothing else to purchase. Sorry *bows.

Look at how tasty they look !!! I remember they tasted alright but Beta 5's puffs still win. Chewy Junior is such a messy eat though :( The cream inside is EXPLOSIVE, no kidding. We were so stupid to not take any napkin with us and decided to eat them in the car. Well, can you imagined the aftermath....  the cream got ALLLLL over the car and our clothes. It was just flowing out from the shells like volcano. The experience was so messy and busy that the taste became not as memorable. It is worth it for you to go for a try though, the puffs do come in many distinct flavors.

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