Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coco Hut 椰林餐廳

Being a true Singaporean at heart, I often crave for Singapore/Malaysian food. I was craving for Laksa the other day but Hawker's Delight and Mama Lee were both closed. I searched through Urbanspoon for some good Laksa options and came across Coco Hut AND it's in Richmond ! I was so excited because now I don't have to drive beyond my hood to search for good laksas.

I drove there immediately and decided to buy dinner to go and eat at Frank's office together. Ahhh, as I arrived at the spot I realized I've pass by the store a million times before as it is located inside the the same plaza as Richmond Sushi and K-Fever. Again, it is my hood yo ! I was so excited and imagined never having to drive long long for Laksas !

The restaurant was pretty empty when I walked in during dinner time. I supposed not too many people know about the place, but was quite surprised to see they actually have a decent amount of blogger reviews ! Most of the reviews recommended their Hainanese Chicken, which totally threw my plans out of the window. But...but... initially I wanted laksa, that's my sole purpose at Coco Hut. Buttttt butttttttt... Hainanese Chicken seemed soooo tempting too. So, as usual, I decided to order ALL. I was so hungry and so craving for everything that I ordered half a chicken with 3 bowls of rice, a laksa (because that was why I was there for), and a roti. The entire order ended up being so much cheaper than I expected ! Half a chicken and everything ! This dinner for two cost just a little over $20 ! Half a chicken and everything !

So the happy thing is that it was cheap. The not so happy thing is that, it wasn't that good :(

Ummmm, the roti was okayyyyyyy but I like Kaya's roti alot more. I find Coco Hut's roti too greasy and not soft enough. I also like my roti taste a little more creamier than usual.

I usually love the chicken rice that come with the Hainanese Chicken but I thought Coco Hut's was a little bland.

Next, the laksa. It wasn't bad , it wasn't bad ! But I still prefer Hawker's to Coco Hut's. Coco Hut's laksa is less spicy than Mama Lee's though, which I like, but it is also less flavorful. Again, it was a little overly greasy. You can even tell from the pictures that their food is more leaning towards the oily side. So if you are used to eating light, Coco Hut might not be a very good choice for you.

Lastly, the chicken. I don't like it much too : ( I don't find it juicy or tender like many other reviewers said. But it could be personal preference too. I thought it was rather dry and bland. AND I GOT HALF A CHICKEN. Of course we didn't finish it but Frank got to eat it again for lunch the next day.
I was pretty disappointed because, I guess, I still have to drive all the way to Vancouver if I miss the taste of childhood. What can I say, nothing good comes easy : * (

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