Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What8ver Cafe's Honey Toast

In my very first food post, I blogged about 0755's Honey Toast  If I'm not wrong, I believe it was actually What8ver Cafe that started the Honey Toast thing in Vancouver, borrowing from Taipei's Dazzling Cafe's dessert concepts.

What8ver is a very small bubble tea cafe located in Richmond that offers some desserts and light meals such as sandwiches, waffles, thick toasts, etc. Their specialty should be the Honey Toast, however, I personally think that 0755 makes these better.

For the times I went, What8ver was usually not busy, but since they do have some seating and dining restrictions, I assume they could be busy during certain days ? I've never been there for anything else, not even for bubble tea, so I can't really judge on the rest of the menu.

These honey toasts always look so fancy ! We ordered the Chocolate Banana flavor, which is my favorite combo. Look at how appetizing it looks ! The toast is filled with butter and honey grilled toast cubes and top with chocolate ice cream, almonds, bananas, whip cream, and Nutella. Sounds so heavenly, isn't it ? While I said 0755 makes better toast, What8ver's is not bad too. I mean, what can go wrong with such sinful combination ? 

Once your server brings the toast to you, you could request to have your toast cut professionally by him/her. This step is crucial because you do need a professional cutter for this. I tried doing it myself and made such a mess. The server will skillfully cut the toast open for you, and bring the scoop of ice cream onto the side for your dining convenience. 

Then you can just fork out those yummy little cubes and eat with all the goodies ! 

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