Monday, December 22, 2014

Tractor - Promotes Healthy Living

Frank and I really like walking around on Main or West 4th, especially on sunny days, we would bring Coco to stroll with us. I really enjoy going into those little unique shops and most shops there do allow dogs. For those who also frequent West 4th, you must be familiar with a corner store - Tractor. They have the interior that I've been obsessed with AND they offer healthy food at a quick service setting. This combo already wins my heart like there's no tomorrow.

There's a huge menu by the entrance. It's rather simple as you get to choose all your food when you see them in the display fridge. Mainly, there's Salads, Soups, and Sandwiches. You order each item on the spot and you can pick up most items when you pay at the cashier at the end. If not, they will hand you a number stand to put on the table (Like Shishinori), then they will bring the food to you when it's ready. 

Hmmm, I was gonna say I love all their food. But now that I'm reviewing it and thinking back more carefully, I realized I don't love all their food. I think I was more mesmerized by the atmosphere that I already love, so I automatically assumed I love everything there. Now that I really think about it,  I think I only loved their sandwiches. In fact, I don't like their salads at all. The soups were not too tasty as well. Many Urban Spoon reviews said their stuff is a little overpriced for the portion. I think it's true if you order more than one item. I normally gets full after one order of sandwich, but that could be quite little for most men. Their salads portion is specially small, so you might need to end up ordering two. Then the costs add up.

I find their salads extremely bland despite the fact that there seems to be enough dressing on it. I remember one of the salads was very bland but greasy, I forgot which one that was though. Their soups were also not as good. We ordered a Butternut Squash soup which was pretty bland, and a Chicken Noodle Soup that tasted worse than those canned ones :( Unfortunately.

I love their sandwiches though ! I've had all the flavors and I love them all. I think they are perfectly grilled, with enough ratio of fillings and bread. Maybe another reason I love them because there were enough meat, lots of meat, in each sandwich. The meat was rich in flavor and so satisfying. There were also enough greens to balance out the grease. And the melted cheese. I thought they were quite amazing. 

Okay okay, despite my negative comments on their salad and soup, Tractor is still a place I revisit often. All for their sandwich, all for their sandwich. 

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