Monday, November 10, 2014

Smart Mouth Cafe in Gastown


Had a dinner meeting at the Flying Pig the other day, and because I had some time in between different meetings, I went to work at the Smart Mouth Cafe near by. It's situated nicely in the heart of Gastown, and was pretty quiet on a Thursday afternoon. They also often have 50% off cookies and muffins ! I've never tried, but reviews say they are good.

The cafe is like a mini loft with two levels divided by a small set of stairs. The second level has bigger tables and chairs for groups and the lower level seems more suitable for individuals, which was where I sat. It has a very cozy vibe, both the staff and the customers were friendly (see that guy waving to my camera ?) 

I'm an amateur coffee drinker, just like I don't know how to appreciate good wine and cheese, I don't know how to appreciate good coffee. Well, I can tell what's really good and what's terribly bad, but I can't tell the differences among the good and the bad. I wish I can though, because there are so many cute little coffee boutiques in Vancouver I wish I can visit them all and know what offers what. 

I'm also a late bloomer in terms of drinking coffee. I didn't believe in coffee till I entered the work force. I thought it's a myth and didn't think it can actually keep people awake. I thought it's a feel good thing - you feel so cosmopolitan and refined working at a little coffee boutique, or you feel cool and sophisticated holding a Starbucks coffee cup rushing from place to place in the busy business district. Man, seriously, what a good branding Starbucks has done. 

So I didn't start drinking coffee till I started work. I pretentiously started my first coffee at the Starbucks by my office thinking this was just what an actual office worker normally do. Then I was hooked. I really really needed my caramel macchiato (non-fat milk, half sugar, no whipped cream, extra caramel please :D *ruined it all) every morning before work so that I wouldn't fall asleep.

And that's what I ordered that day at Smart Mouth. I don't have a broad knowledge on coffee, so I'm not going to review its aroma. But I'll make a comment on this picture, I took a really nice picture:

I regret not trying their bakery products, as they do offer gluten-free cakes and brownies. I don't need a gluten-free diet but I appreciate how more and more shops now do offer this diet option for those who care. I also heard they offer good soups too. Maybe next time.

Overall, it was a nice quite area for me to do work. I could concentrate a lot more in a coffee shop such as the Smart Mouth than busier ones like Blenz. Smart Mouth indeed offered a very comfortable space to spend an afternoon there on your laptop. They also have this chess board for an engaging afternoon date with a friend. 

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