Friday, November 14, 2014

East Cafe in the East Village

So the other day, C and I were going to have a I-Blog-She-Studies date at Platform 7 but every table was filled even after a while of wait. So we went back out into the rain, hoping to find another coffee shop close by. We then stumbled into East Cafe a couple blocks down the road, It was suchhhh an adorable find. 

East Cafe offers a completely different vibe from Plateform 7 - it is very small, cozy, bright, and homely, and somehow reminds me of a country farm's B&B. You can sense the owner's attention to detail from each delicately decorated corner. The decors remind you of a simpler time ...  It's no doubt a very ideal place to spend your entire afternoon there enjoying some quality time alone.

They have quite a selection of coffee, tea, and even a smoothie ! For vegans, you can choose to have either almond milk or soy milk for your diary replacement. C ordered a black coffee and I got a smoothie blended with banana. Well, I'm not sure about the coffee, but all I can say is, don't order a smoothie in a coffee shop, haha. But they do have a huge selection of Harney & Sons tea !

I love working in coffee shops, but recently I've been really sensitive to caffeinated drinks so I've been cutting them back. (No, I'm not pregnant). I think it's aging T___T I used to be able to drink coffee at night and I'll still be able to sleep like a baby immediately after. Now I get insomnia even if I drink a milk bubble tea in the afternoon ! So when I go coffee shops, I'll try to order something like a juice or smoothie, but this option is usually very limited :(

East Cafe offers some home baked goods too, like cookies, muffins, and breads, and stores them in these big glass jars with a nice paper tag.  There are also these vegan and regular granola bars available, nicely wrapped with a straw bow. So country ! Again, I appreciate cafes with healthier food options for people to munch on while working. 

So here are what we ordered on our blog/study date that day. My english muffin sandwich was from Platform 7 though, when we thought we could get a seat there. C liked her cookie. If you are a regular at the East Cafe,  you can store your stamp card in this adorable mint box in alphabetical order. It's a little far from home, otherwise you'll find my name in the box too ! :)

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