Monday, November 17, 2014

Pajo's - When You Want Fish & Chips

I don't usually like deep fried stuff, one for health reasons, I also don't like that greasy taste and touch. So I've never liked fish & chips... okay, to be honest, I still don't really like it. I never crave for it. But I do occasionally eat Pajo's when my friends want to. And when it comes to having to eat fish & chips, I'll choose to go to Pajo's.

Pajo's is located inside Steveston Village, it's quite noticeable, like Starbucks, as you will see its signature yellow umbrellas from far away. It doesn't have any indoor sittings, but business is still amazingly sustainable during the cold and long winter months in Raincouver. They are doing so well that they opened another location in Gary Point Park, which is only 3 min walk away from the flagship store. So I guess they are doing something right.

Pajo's is a fast food operation where you order from one end and pick up on the other. The simple menu is pasted on the sides of the counters. For the Fish & Chips combo, they offer three types of fish in three different sizes. There are also other options which I never paid attention to. I have no idea why but they also have burgers and hot dogs for sale. The menu emphasizes twice in different color/font/size/location that Pajo's is famous for fish & chips , and famous for fish & chip's for over 25 years ! They obviously don't want anyone to order otherwise, but provide other options just to be nice.

So after you ordered, move around the corner to the other side for pick up. The picture right above is the cashier/order counter and the bigger window facing the front is the pick up. I realize my pictures might cause some confusion. So anyway, after picking up the yummy stuff, there are quite a few bench patio sittings right by the store for people to dine on the dock. Otherwise, there are also a line of tables across the water on the other side for a more comfortable dining experience. 

So we ordered one cod and one halibut the other day. I couldn't tell the difference even if my life was depended on it. I'm not sure if anyone can, actually. But they do taste good. The fishes are really tender. So tender that they break apart from the fork while you try to fork pieces into your mouth, which might make you look really stupid. 

Halibut Fish and Chips
Cod Fish and Chips, actually I don't know, it could be halibut. Or maybe I actually ordered Salmon. whatever
I realize my tone is a little grumpy and angry while writing this post, please know that it has nothing to do with Pajo's. Pajo's is great ! I think I'm just tired and grumpy so I'm going to end this short. BYE ! 

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