Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Guu is Guuuuu'd !

Guu had been my favorite place for Japanese tapa food for a very very long time and I used to visit Guu almost weekly. Don't get me wrong, they are still very good, but there just have been too many good additions in Vancouver one after another. But Guu is still the constant in my life which I revisits occasionally, and other times, I venture out for new flavors.

Guu has a couple locations, even one in Richmond, but my favorite is still the original Guu- the one on Thurlow, by Banana Republic. My least favorite is Guu Garden. Many people don't like the Richmond (Aberdeen) one, but I thought it's not too bad. There used to always be a long wait at the Thurlow one, but with more Guu available now around town, the wait is usually 5 min max.

We went around Halloween season, hence the crazy decos
Menu outside the store for hungry people to first decide what they want
The Thurlow/Robson Guu offers an authentic Japanese izakaya dining experience. You'll know immediately upon your first step in. Everyone welcomes you in Japanese like there's no tomorrow. They then shout out the number of your party and table number on the top of their lungs so that little pizza place close by can hear how many customers just walked pass them :(  I guess for them, good foot traffic doesn't necessarily equal to good business .

Once you are seated in their small square tables or sushi bar, you will be presented with these two menus : 

Don't freak out, there are English translations at the bottom of each dish. 
The daily special

The regular menu
As you order, your server will continue to shout. He or she will shout out items to the kitchen staff so they can start prepping for them. If you've ordered a couple and still haven't heard the shouting, and want to, order Yakiudon. They always shout for yakiudon. It is also my absolute favorite in Guu. I've never once left Guu without some yummy yakiudon in my tummy.

I've been to Guu too many times that I've finally tried almost everything and settled on ordering the same favorites everytime now :

Ankimo - Fish Liver. So Good 

Gyu Tan - Beef Tongue. Good but not as good as Kingyo's stone grilled gyutans 
Ama-ebi - sweet shrimp sashimi. One of my fav in Van ! Greatly Recommended
Gindara Miso Zuke - Miso Black Cod. So goooooooood
Yaki Udon !!!!!!!! <333333
Grilled Salmon Head 
Beef Carpaccio  
Toro Sashimi zomg. Manzo in Richmond actually carries really good toro
Some sort of squid. this one is not memorable at all 
Sashimi Salad 
Some sort of Japanese infused pizza - you can tell I'm slowly losing memory here, so I'm gonna stop with the captions

Done ! The last couple of pictures were from my Richmond Guu experience couple weeks ago, hence the lack of memory/caption. Guu also has really good Oden, it's perfect for a weather like this :)

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