Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[OOTD] My Favorite Fall Color - Burgundy

I get really excited in the beginning of every season.

"It's shorts season!"
"It's dress season !"
"It's boots season !"
"OMG flipflops againnnn!"
"It's the season of Uggs !"

And recently, I've been all, "Fall colors !!!!!!"

I've been obsessed with burgundy but it was a little too deep and rich for the summer sun, so I've been waiting and waiting for the leaves to turn to a color that will match my wine color outfits. And the day has finally come. So I was collecting my ootd pictures and realized I do have many burgundy pieces :

Black Top with Golden Sequin Collar - Tao Bao
Burgundy Wool Flared Mini Skirt - Artizia
Black Cardigan - Zara 

Burgundy Sweater - Aritzia 
Check Shirt - Abercrombie
Black Silk Shorts - BCBG
Burgundy Legging - Taobao
Necklace - Taobao
Burgundy Ruffled Top - Banana Republic
Grey Wool Flared Mini Skirt -  Artizia
Thigh High Stockings - Taobao

Same Outfit as Cover Photo
Purple Light Cardigan - Aritzia
Lavender Cotton Top - BCBG
Burgundy High Waisted Skirt (Bandage Material) - Aritzia
Burgundy Loose Sweater (with longer back) - Aritzia
Dark Blue Leopard Print Mini Pencil Skirt (wool) - Aritzia

Dark Grey Cashmere Sweater - Aritzia
Burgundy Mini Flared Skirt (wool) - Aritzia
Burgundy Circle Scarf - Aritzia
Jeweled Necklace - J. Crew
Rain Boots - Jimmy Choo

Floral Laced Imprint Sleeveless Top - Aritzia
High Waisted Cropped Brown Pants - Some Chinese Brand
Light Blue Denim Shirt - Forever 21
Necklace - Forever 21
Brown Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - TOMS
I know I have a very limited selection of brands and most of my outfits came from Aritzia. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Aritzia, it's a Vancouver-based fashion company. It now has multiple locations in many major cities across North America. It's definitely my favorite brand. I love its quality, cut, and size options (most come in XXS). The only thing I don't like about Aritzia is its pricing. It used to be around $80 - $100 CAD max per piece, now each piece can easily be around the $200 range while the products remain the same ;(  But they do have sales (both online and in-store) very often ! I don't usually shop online, but Aritzia has been an exception for years.

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