Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shishinori - Healthy & Yummy

Vancouver has always been such a health-conscious city. In recent years, especially, health and fitness related activities and businesses have becoming almost a trend - the best trend ever, I would say. I see more yogis, runners, wellness centers, yoga studios, more vegan and gluten-free options, and the rise of cold-pressed juices. While many trends turn into fads, I believe the trend to seek a healthier life style will only blossom.

Health focused restaurants are indeed blooming in the city, just to name a few, we have Smak, Tractors, Gorilla Food, and Freshii. Most of these offer western foods and have similar menu. Shishinori, on the other hand, is doing this health-conscious thing well in it's own Japanese way. I'm actually pretty surprised why aren't there more Japanese healthy food choices as Japanese cuisine itself is relatively healthier to start with. But for now, we have Shishinori.

I went there for the first time with Frank for a very late lunch. It was love at first sight bite for the both of us. Frank especially liked it because he usually prefer a lighter meal with lots of veggies, and Shishinori is exactly it. After that day, I went back there a couple more times, and loved it every time.

Front Entrance

Shishinori is conveniently nested close to Broadway and Cambie. Call me bias, but I love everything about it. I love its logo, big and clear, you won't miss if even if you are just driving by. I love the interior. They use a lot of wood and I love wood ! I love wood anything and they use wood for almost everything - chairs, tables, utensils, food trays, etc. I also love how it's a quick service restaurant where you can just order + pay at the cashier, then get a number and wait for your food to arrive at your table.  

The Cashier
Shishinori has a simple menu where the names of the dishes describe the ingredients. The dishes are simple too, mostly traditional Japanese ingredients but prepared and presented in a healthier way. 

Menu Displayed on the Window Facing Out
There are a couple hot beverages, but for cold drinks. customers can simply grab them from the fridge by the cashier. I love how the interior is also designed for efficiency. The teas are not bad, light with a hint of described flavors. 

Hot Passion Fruit and Mango Tea
Ginger Peach Tea

I'm a huge fan of Unagi, so I have nothing to complain about this dish. The Unagi tastes very generic, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In the same bowl, there's also mixed greens, some edamame, one raspberry, and half half-boiled egg. All of these goodies are presented on top of brown rice ! I love brown rice, but I can rarely get them in Asian restaurants, so I only cook them at home. But yay for Shishinori's thoughtful alternative.
Unagi Kabayaki 
Unagi Kabayaki
This next dish is Spicy Chicken Chashu Bowl with miso soup. So for all of their bowls, if you add another $2.50, you can make it a combo with either a miso soup or a dessert. I have very low tolerance for spicy stuff, but this spicy Chashu is just nice for my liking. It too, comes with mixed greens, one half-boiled egg, and brown rice ! :D

Spicy Chicken Chashu Bowl 

Curried Chicken Bowl

Matcha Pudding
I wouldn't say these bowls in Shishinori taste exceptionally good. This Curried Chicken Bowl, for example, really just tastes like a regular Japanese curry dish. I think it is actually the additional sides and their presentation (and the use of brown rice) that make the bowls unique.

As I mentioned above, you can choose either a miso soup or a dessert if you order a combo. I ordered the Matcha Pudding last time but I didn't really like it. I thought it was too watery and not so flavorful. I heard their parfaits are very good though, or at least the pictures look so yummy. I'll definitely give that a try the next time I visit. 

Update : So I tried their parfait yesterday when I went there to have lunch by myself. I ordered the Chicken Chashu Bowl, it was so good but it didn't fill me. And of course, I got the parfait. It's a cup filled with all sorts of goodies : mochi, jelly candies, matcha ice cream, pocky sticks, marshmallows, some sort of cake that was drenched by the melted ice cream, and red bean paste. To be honest, it was only okay, and yesterday was a little too cold to be walking around outside holding a cup of ice cream. 

Chicken Chashu Bowl
Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait

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