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Where to Stay - Nita Lake Lodge Review

Our Paper Year Anniversary came fast, I wasn't feeling my best physically so we opted out going somewhere far. Frank and I loved visiting the Gulf Islands for smaller trips, but the islands are not as active during Fall/Winter months. So where should we go for a close-by getaway, yet offers a different scenery, and a luxurious experience ? We eventually chose Whistler, and decided to stay at the Nita Lake Lodge.

Located immediately by the Whistler Village, Nita Lake Lodge enjoys both the convenience of most activities, shops and restaurants, as well as the quiet and serenity we look for in a relaxing time away. Like the name suggests, Nita Lake Lodge is also situated along the shores of a beautiful, glacier-fed lake. The lake definitely adds a unique water view against the backdrop of the iconic snow capped mountains of Whistler.

We left Vancouver just before noon, and after a smooth 2 hours drive, we arrived at our accommodation for the next 2 nights, the Nita Lake Lodge.

Nita Lake is listed as one of the top 10 luxurious hotels in Canada (voted by Trip Advisor). I was surprised to find out that it's actually considered a small boutique hotel, with only 70 something rooms, despite how grand the entire property looks.

Because of its generous lot size, Nita Lake is able to offer spacious rooms, beautiful front lot, parking space, and two heated pools (one inside the spa, and one at the back of the hotel).

Our check-in process was a breeze, we arrived before our supposed check in time and our room was not ready yet. I took advantage of the waiting time to take photos around the property, and just as I was done, I received a text message informing me that our room was ready !

We drove our car into the parking lot, there were tons of empty spots and we chose one right by the entrance. The elevator from the parking lot took us directly to our floor.

We stayed in the studio lake view suite and it was very spacious ! The door opened up to a foyer, where we would find our bar area with Nespresso machine, fridge, microwave, and utensils; and a closet with basic amenities like bath ropes, iron, etc.

To the right, we found a VERY SPACIOUS washroom, with a big walk in shower and a double-soaker bathtub. I do hope it's a double sink instead of single though. I also love Nita Lake's choice of bathroom amenities - they use L'occitane products for everything, from the soap bar, to the lotion, to body wash, hair wash, and conditional.

One very thoughtful amenity that I TRULY appreciate was a make up remover / cleaner wipe ! I always tend to forget to pack something EVERY TRIP, let it be contact lens solution, tooth brush, underwear, or like this time, make up remover. So I was extremely relieved to find a make up remover wipe lying in the amenities tray !

Nita Lake is listed as one of Whistler's most romantic hotels, and I can see why.

Our suite sits right above the lake, which offers a gorgeous fall view, and there's something crisp and monotonic about this fall view that I love. Contradictorily, the white and brisk look makes the room feel even warmer and cozier.

What makes our suite even more romantic, is a basalt gas fireplace with real fire ! I need to emphasize that it's real fire because there are too many modern fireplaces that does not use real fire, and it's just not the same !

I don't know if this is just me, or does anyone else finds fireplaces extremely romantic ?

I think I got the idea from The Note Book. Do you remember the scene where Noah and Allie reunited and made love in front of the fireplace a million times ? I found that SO romantic and start to subconsciously romanticize the idea of a fireplace. And our suite has one, how romantic is that ?

Our suite radiates a very mountain lodge vibe. It has a very distinct and spacious lounge area, and a luxurious king size bed. There's a decent size TV above the fireplace and we could swing it to the direction of the bed, so we could watch TV in bed !
Another important thing to note is that, Nita Lake Lodge offers FREE and FAST wifi services for all hotel guests. I honestly think a complimentary wifi service should be absolutely mandatory for all hotels and I cannot believe how many hotels still charge an arm and a leg for guests to use the hotel wifi ! I just think it should be an essential service, especially for travelers who do not necessarily has cellular data, and for travelers who have to work ! Argh, I cannot stress this enough but I really get so annoyed when I have to pay for hotel wifi during my travels and I am so happy Nita Lake doesn't make their guests feel that way! 

It is also lovely to walk around the lodge, there's a nice trail that lets you stroll around the lake, and an outdoor lounge area for you to just chill by the fire. There is also an outdoor heated pool. It's extra nice to be in an outdoor heated pool during the colder seasons, don't you think ?

There are 3 places where you could eat inside the Lodge, the Fix Cafe, a Cure Lounge, and a fine dining Aura Restaurant. We had our amazing dinner at Aura Restaurant and breakfast at the Fix Cafe the next day. I'll talk more about them later.

Oh, one last thing I need to mention, and find it SUPER CONVENIENT, is Nita Lake's thoughtful complimentary on-demand shuttle service to and from the Whistler Village. (In the summer, they offer complimentary bike rental).

We drove our car to the lodge, so on our first day, we didn't think it was necessary to use the shuttle service so we drove into the village to walk around. It took us a while to find parking (and pay), and the parking lot was not in the village so we had to walk a little bit.

The next day, we decided to give the shuttle a try, and man it was a breeze ! We literally went to the lobby when we were ready to head out, told the front desk we were ready to head to the village, 2 minutes later, our shuttle arrived just for the two of us, and we were dropped right at the village. When we were done, I called the front desk, told them we were ready to return, the shuttle arrived soon after, and took us right back to the hotel. We then decided to use the shuttle every single time !

During one of our stay, we also made an appointment to spoil ourselves at the award-winning spa - The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge . The Spa not only offers typical massage treatments, it has also recently introduced result driven beauty technologies such as the Hydrafacial and Body Contouring treatment.

We booked the couple's massage where the both of us could be in the same room. The massages were so soothing and rejuvenating. It was so comfortable that Frank fell asleep during the massage and he started snoring OMG. And this is not his first time that he falls asleep during our couple's massage. He ALWAYS does that ! Comment below to let me know I'm not the only one with a husband like this, hahaha.

After the massage, we had some time to enjoy the rooftop hot tub overlooking at the mountains. All hotel guests are able to enjoy this rooftop hot tub , and all spa guests can also use the revitalizing eucalyptus steam room.

Okay, now the dining experience.

Aura Restaurant offers their regular menu, as well as a Prix Fixe Menu during the time of our visit.

The Prix Fixe Menu is SUCH a good deal - 3 courses for $39. The choices on the Prix Fixe are very attractive too. During our trip, we tried the Prix Fixe Menu at several different Whilster restaurants and we found that Whilstler's Prix Fixe menu offers generally better quality/ more delicious food in comparison to the Dine-Out Menu in Vancouver. It's really worth a try if you ever visit.

The Prix Fixe Menu is for a limited time only, so be sure to check the availability before your visit. I know even after the Prixi Fixe, Aura is offering over fixed price menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas !
At Aura, we actually decided to order from their regular menu because I really wanted to try some items that were not avaliable on the Prix Fixe Menu.

We truly enjoyed every single dish , the Salmon Fillet, especially, was so tender and all the moisture was well-preserved. Even the starter bread with butter was such a delight !

At the end of our dinner, Aura actually gifted us a chocolate fondue set to celebrate our anniversary ! I later found out that the chocolate dip was melted from Thomas Haas chocolate ! No wonder it tasted so rich, smooth, and luxurious ! The chocolate fondue would also work great as an afternoon tea set to have when you chill by the lakeside, by the sizzling fire. Ahhhh... I can just imagine how cozy and comfortable that'll be.

We requested a late checkout on the day of our departure, so we could pack brunch from the Fix Cafe to bring back to our room to enjoy by the fireplace. Fix Cafe offers various pastries, breakfast sandwiches, some salads, different beverages including smoothies, coffee, fresh juices, etc - very standard cafe options, but nonetheless very appetizing.

Our stay at the Nita Lake Lodge was so satisfying and comfortable. It was definitely a much needed getaway for some nice quality time away from our usual home scene. I truly believe it is extremely important for couples, especially married couples, to keep the romance going. And regardless how busy life becomes, make time for each other not as husband or wives, or mothers and fathers, but lovers.

Always remember the initial sparks. 

Below is some other information I grabbed from Nita Lake Lodge's website, which I thought you might find useful :

Check-in time starts at 4:00 PM
Minimum check-in age - 21
Check-out before 11 AM (but you may be able to request for a later checkout)
Children are welcome (and the resort is very children friendly given the larger space)
Kids stay free! Up to 2 children 12 years old and younger stay free when using existing bedding.
Pets are allowed for an extra charge of CAD 25 per pet, per day.
Self-parking fee: CAD 20 per night
Valet parking fee: CAD 30 per night

Thank you for reading. 

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