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Science of Cocktails 2018 Media Preview

Science World has always been one of my special place in Vancouver. Frank and I went there for one of our first dates soon after we met, and it was so much fun (and cute!). I highly recommend visiting Science World as one of your date ideas. It's a whole day activity, which can later be followed by a nice dinner and dessert. It's so fun to go to every station together, play and laugh and be children, take silly photos, and low key test each other's true intelligence, hahaha. Frank obviously passed my low key intelligence test because he's such a science geek.

As a kid, I was brought to Science World a lot, either by my parents or through school field trips. It felt like a gigantic arcade where there were games after games for me to play. Even as an adult, I returned to the Science World numerous times with friends. It was never repetitive because there was always new and interesting exhibitions every time.

Then now, as a REAL adult, I will be returning to Science World for their annual Science of Cocktail event. 

Doesn't the name itself already excite you so much as if a kid were to see Science of Candy or Science of Paw Patrol or something ?

But this is so much better, so much sexier, and so much more intoxicating !

For one night only, the Science of Cocktails will transform Science World into Vancouver’s largest cocktail laboratory !

This year will be my first year attending, but I had the pleasure to have a taste of the real thing via its media preview.

The Media preview took place in the Marriott Hotel Pinnacle's Showcase Restaurant and Bar. I could feel the sparkling heat of the event as I arrived at the hotel lobby. There was so much buzz and an undeniably high energy floating amongst all the drink and food stations. I could not wait to let that vibe consume me.

After checking in my coat, I was ushered to my first booth,  the Tinker-Bling, where you make your own name tag using LED lights and other creative craft materials. How interesting was that ? Right away, this hands on activity differentiates a Science World event from the rest. Forget about writing your name on a sticker and stick on your boob. We now make our own name tags that LIGHTS UP.

But who was I kidding, I obviously went for the drinks and food. There were 4 cocktail and 3 food stations in total. Needlessly to say I went through them once, then again, and again. The cocktails were all VERY innovatively made or presented.

I'll start with my FAVORITE. This drink sounded very odd and to be honest, off putting, at first.

Darling, go home, you're drunk. Oil and alcohol do not mix. It's gross even thinking about it ! 

I was hesitant to try but then I thought, what the heck, I was at the Science of Cocktail event, I should be experimenting ! AND IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I MADE IN LIFE. Okay, maybe not so significant, but it was definitely surprisingly so delicious ! 

It tasted sort of like that plum soda drink in typical Vietnamese restaurants. It was a little savory, and sour, and sweet at the same time, but a good combination of them. I couldn't taste the grease at all, but felt like the oil content greatly added to the smoothness and thickness of the drink. I was so impressed by whoever thought of adding oil to alcohol ! I'm gonna bring a jar of oil with me whenever I go drinking now, no kidding !

Other stations were very visionary as well - such as this drink with molecular caviar pearls.

The caviars in the drink does what pearls do in a bubble tea. It playfully adds another level of texture to an alcohol, and the burst of the pearls splashes a whole new different flavor to the drink that's already in your mouth. It was a fun experience to say the least. 

The rest of the stations were entertaining as well. Another station was presenting alcohol in this : 

And not far from it, there was a Shake It Challenge where they measure your heartbeat while you shake up a cocktail :

No wonder all bartenders has good bodies. Shaking it up accelerates your heart rate like an intense cardio work out.

Through out the event, I kept getting scared by the Ping Pong Canon that was firing on the other side of the room. Each shot was SO LOUD and powerful that I literally jumped each time even with anticipation.

The canon uses the power of air pressure to force out an ordinary ping-pong ball against a can of soda. The ball accelerated to over 700km/hr and punctured straight through the aluminium can. It was really impressive ! 

Then there was the food, and they were playing the creative game too !

I definitely needed the carbs in between all the liquor to stay sober (to have more). So having food stations were very smart and a must ! My suggestion is to alternate between food and drink stations so your body can balance things up for you while you continue to have fun through the night :) 

On February 8th, 2018, the Science World will offer you more than 25 stations of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Here's a sneak peek on this year's food providers ! CLICK HERE and be very thrilled ! 

And CLICK HERE for the award winning bartenders that will be serving you. Remember to say hi ! 

All tickets to the 2018 Science of Cocktail event has been sold out. 

I know I know I know, after all that talking and now I tell you you can't get it. But don't worry ! This happens annually, which means you can get the pre-sale EARLY BIRD tickets to the 2019 event HERE.

The Science of Cocktail event is not merely an entertainment, it also serves a great purpose. It is actually a fundraising event, for Science World’s Class Field Trip Program.

“This event is about paying it forward and providing 6,000 kids from underserved local schools the opportunity to experience the magic of Science World for free. Guests of Science of Cocktails are helping us inspire future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs,” said the President and CEO of Science World. 

You can learn more about this meaningful program HERE.

I cannot wait to attend the event soon, and see all of the attendees there having a great time while doing a good cause :)

All photos on this blog post is taken by Christopher Guy, Instagram - @picturelisten

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