Sunday, January 14, 2018

Where to stay - Sri Panwa , Phuket, Thailand

After a lifetime of flights, one connection in Taipei, another in Bangkok, and finally a 45 mins Uber ride, we have arrived at our resort located at the most south east end of Phuket - Sri Panwa

Sri Panwa is hands down one of the finest resorts in Phuket. It is perched high atop Cape Panwan with all of its villas sitting 60 meters above sea level, commanding breathtaking views all around. 

We drove pass a gated private path leading us to the check in area. A door man took care of our luggage and ushered us down a set of stairs into a gorgeous glass pavilion surrounded by water-lily ponds and a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous panoramic view of the lavender color sky melting into the lavender color ocean. The sun was setting. 

The check in was very pampering even on its own. We were greeted by the front desk staff who offered us sweet tea and wet towels. They handled all the procedures while we relaxed on the couch taking in the sunset view. There were no other guests and everything felt so secluded and luxurious. 

We reserved a couple's massage right away as it was the most most most needed massage ever after our long journey. And there's where we headed to RIGHT after we were brought into our villa. 

The cool spa was also surrounded with panoramic ocean views, and paved by white floating steps on lotus ponds. One thing amazing about Sri Panwa was that it offers panoramic ocean views EVERYWHERE, thanks to the fact that it sits on the tip of a hill.

Oh, one thing I should mention is that, everything here is in English and every staff spoke English fluently. The spa menu was in English and the masseur were able to communicate with us perfectly regarding our preferences. Frank fell asleep right away during his hour long massage, but I made sure I was fully awake to enjoy every single second of that. It was indeed the perfect choice to officially start our vacay !

Because we so desperately left our room to the massage, we only got to really explore our room after we came back. For some reason, most of the staffs taught that we are on our honeymoon and called our room the honeymoon suite, and so they decorated our bed with rose pedals and prepared champagne !  

Our first night was too dark for us to really see what our villa has to offer, but the next morning, from our bed : 

It was beautiful. 

Pictures really cannot do our room justice because of the sharp contrast of indoor/outdoor bright light. But imagine the idea that when we opened our eyes in the morning, what welcomed our sight was this blue horizon, and it was breathtaking each time. 

And the best thing about having your own infinity pool, is that I could swim anytime of the day, or night, with, or without swimwear ! I love that freedom ! 

The hotel amenities were complete , beyond complete. We had everything we need, from espresso machine to all sorts of tea choices, to a fridge filled with local and international beverages, to a shelf filled with snacks and instant noodles with free refills daily. It was like heaven ! 

Our breakfast was like heaven too. The interior was stunning ! In fact, the interior of the entire property was really consistent and impressive. It was all clean lines, concrete, warm wood, and tropical plants - my favorite combination of all. 

The food was delicious and there were plenty of local and western choices. I honestly want to have a love affair with local Thai food and have its babies, no kidding. There are a couple Thai restaurants in Vancouver but I only found out in Thailand that none of these places serves authentic street style Thai food ! #businessidea

Sri Panwa is the definition of being luxurious and refined. I mean, its gym has a boxing ring !

This photo below is the main entrance of the resort. The entire property is so big that we had to take private tuk-tuk to get around to different facilities, which was so much fun !

Service was impeccable. There were staff everywhere ready to offer their delightful assistance.

One thing I love the MOST about Sri Panwa was that there were NOBODY everywhere, even when all of the villas were sold out ! That's because the place is HUGE and the customers were sparse. There was apparently a royal wedding going on but we were hardly intruded by any crowd. I also read from somewhere that Sri Panwa is the Thai princesses' favorite get away spot.

I mean, look at this washroom with an ocean backdrop, I can only say that the princesses have great sense of taste.

On one of these lovely days, we took the kayak and my forever kayaking slave took us to a small beach near by.  

Where we got this view :

This is how our resort look from afar. And you see that building on the very top ? That's the world-famous Baba Nest. 

Believe it or not, I've been admiring this place for a couple of years now since I first laid eyes on it on Instagram. And it did not disappoint. It was one of the best sunsets I've never seen ! 

Below is where you wait to get seated into Baba Nest, or if you failed to get a spot. The nest only has a couple seating so it is very smart to make your reservation once you booked your villa. 

And then as you ascent to the top of the world, you are wow-ed. 

This is how it looks during the day ! 

There were so much to do within the resort that we only spent one day venturing out to see the Phuket city. Other days, we spent our time basking in the tranquility between where the sky meets the sea :

We had such an amazing time at Sri Panwa. It was indeed an unforgettable stay and I know everything was more beautiful, and each moment so enjoyable, because I was with the love of my life <3

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