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MELU Juice Cleanse Review

Cold pressed juice cleanse has been popular for a very long time now and I've done it numerous times myself. I would love to share my personal experience with you, so that you can be more familiar with what a juice cleanse really does, how to do one properly, and how you will feel after !

The very very first time I did a juice cleanse was because I wanted to lose weight fast before a beach vacation. I did a 3 Day Cleanse, lost a ton of weight, then I "rewarded" myself with nothing but unhealthy diet during the trip. All my weight returned to me soon after. I should have known, it is very difficult to maintain your weight after a fast weight loss diet, if you don't combine it with a healthier lifestyle.

I became more knowledgeable about cold-pressed juices and its cleanses one year later, and decided to do another one, this time more properly. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and differences of what a strict cleanse brings, then I did another one, and another one...

Here are some of my personal experiences and tips :
  • Which cleanse should you pick ? 

MELU Juice and Health Bar offers 3 types of signature cleanses : 1 Day, 3 Day, and 5 Day. I would suggest first timers pick the 1 Day or 3 Day as 5 Day can be quite challenging for someone who is not used to an all liquid diet. It is more important to stick through the entire cleanse than to do a 5 Day and cheat in the middle :) 

Between the 1 Day and 3 Day, I personally find the 3 Day being more effective and you see more obvious results. 

The 1 Day is suitable for those who just want to test the water and see how a juice diet is like before going for a longer one. It is also suitable for those who just want to take a quick break from their regular diet, while fueling their bodies with lots of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

The 5 Day is suitable for experienced juice cleansers, or someone who has been eating clean and healthy for a long time. 

MELU also offers a 1 Day, 3 Day, 5 Day Super Green Juice Cleanse. This is made for experienced cleansers who wish to have mostly vegetable juices (less sugar, less calorie).

This 3 Day cleanse consists of six 500ml jars per day. Each day has five cold-pressed juices, and one nut mylk. I really like this cleanse because of the variety of juices and mylks it offers. You get to try something different daily and they are all really delicious ! 

Because there are 2 - 3 lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables cold-pressed into each jar, you literally consume more nutrients during your juice cleanse than your regular 3 meals.

There is no particular order to which juice to consume first, or when exactly you should drink them. It all depends on your own schedule. I personally like to alternate between fruits and greens just so it's not boring, and the natural sugar from the fruit juices give me the energy I need to function all day. I take the nut mylk at my most hungry point as a meal replacement, and it is so satisfying and fills me right up! 

It is wise to space out the juices equally throughout the day. I take my first juice first thing in the morning after a big cup of warm water, and my last one around 2 hours before bed time so I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

  • You should start "cleansing" your body a week prior to starting your juice cleanse. 
In order to let your body get used to the all liquid diet, and absorb its utmost benefit, it is helpful to start eating clean and healthy around a week prior to your juice cleanse. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, it is also recommended to start cutting down your caffeine in-take gradually leading to the cleanse start date.

  • What does eating "clean and healthy" mean ? 
Clean food generally means foods that are less processed. So instead of eating french fries, try eating potato. Instead of eating a hot dog, try eating brown rice and boiled meat. Before you choose your meal, break down your processed food, and choose to eat their real ingredients at their originated form instead. If they need to be cooked, process them yourself in a healthier way. 

  •  During your cleanse, try to stick with just juices and water. 

So the big day is here, you have started your juice cleanse. Of course, you want to TRY to stick with the rules : Drink only the juice cleanse juices and water. You definitely want to stay away from caffeinated, carbonated, or alcoholic beverages. It is also ideal for you to avoid solid food.

But what if you really really really craves chewing and eating something substantial ? Well, then do it. Listen to your body and make reasonable adjustments. Most people don't feel hunger during their cleanse, but they crave the feeling of chewing. If you really wish to eat something solid, try to stick with raw fruits and vegetables. You can have some raw nuts too if you want ! If it really becomes too difficult, just combine your juices with a healthy diet. A juice cleanse is supposed to relax and refresh you, it is not meant to be a torture that you have to endure.

  • Just like how you start the cleanse, you should continue to eat clean and healthy for as long as you can after. 
It will completely defeat the purpose of your juice cleanse if you reward yourself with big feasts after. Try to continue a clean and healthy lifestyle for as long as you can after. Who knows, maybe it will stick with you for good :) 

  • How did I feel after my 3 Day Juice Cleanse ? 
While weight loss has stopped being my goal from these juice cleanses, it is sometimes the first obvious difference I see. I also feel less bloated and my water retention drained from all the endless peeing I did during my cleanse. Another obvious difference I notice every time is that I naturally start to repulse greasy food and naturally my body just craves for a healthier and more refreshing diet. This is one reason many people use a juice cleanse as a stepping stone to a healthier life style.

Other popular feedback I heard was the cure for constipation, better quality of sleep, becoming more alert and more energetic / less fatigue, boosted immune system, and better skin.

  • Lastly, never deprive yourself of the nutrients you need to lose weight, never choose unhealthy means to be "skinny", and never doubt your self-worth base on your size.
I know many people's main motivation to go through a juice cleanse is weight loss. But like I've mention previously, it is almost impossible to keep the weight you've lost if you return to unhealthy eating soon after. A juice cleanse is great to give you that initial push, to lead your body onto its way to achieving a healthier life style.

Don't let it be a quick solution to lose a couple of pounds before an event.

Let this be an opportunity to re-examine your way of life and see if you need to make any changes to benefit your emotional and physical being - maybe start a new workout routine, learn to cook healthy, learn to read ingredients on packaged products, learn to meditate, drink more water, let go of the negative elements in your life, and practice self-love !

Let this be a chance to detox all the accumulated toxic, and at the same time fuel your body with nutrients you don't normally get from your regular diet. Let your body cleanse, reset, then start afresh, knowing you will take better care of it after :) 

Don't go on a diet to gain approval from others or to fit into the media expectation of an ideal body. Do it for yourself, do it only because it is healthier. Don't choose juice cleanses as a fast solution to weight loss. Choose a juice cleanse so that it is not a diet, it becomes your lifestyle.

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