Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunway Restaurant 三味食堂

This is a place we visit regularly if we want a TWnese home-cooked meal but are lazy about the "home-cooked" part. I wouldn't categorize Sunway into the bubble tea cafe section although they offer similar (but different) style of food and drinks. I'd say Sunway is one of those small Taiwanese family style restaurant. It has less "set meals" as those typical bubble tea shops, and less bubble tea options in that sense. I'd recommend you order a couple dishes to share and eat them with rice, rather than getting your own set. They have so much to choose from : 

The environment isn't something to write home about, but it's not bad. It is small, a little crowded at times, but clean.

This is the pickled cabbage and pork pot. Very suitable on a colder day to order Sunway's mini hot pots. The pickled vegetables are not overly salty, which I love. Its soup is very tasty as well !

This is a very typical Chinese dish - the pig blood curds. I feel like a horrible human just to type that name out, but it indeed is a very common dish among Chinese families. This pot is cooked with the blood curds and pig intestines, together with some spicy stuff. If you are not vegan or vegetarian, be adventurous and try it out.

The mandatory veggie dish.

Some forgotten chicken dish.

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  1. I think you meant to type blood "curds" :-)

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