Friday, February 13, 2015

NOVO Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Pizza used to be one of my favorite comfort food when I was younger. Especially during school years, whenever parents were not home, I'd have friends over and we would order pizza for dinner. I am now a lot more health-conscious than before. Although I still occasionally have McDonald's fries, I haven't had pizza for years and years ! The other day was Frank's sister's birthday and she picked a very classy pizzeria that serves thin crusted pizzas ! 

NOVO is a very nicely decorated restaurant and there's a huge wood fired pizza oven ! I think every pizzeria should use wood fired ovens, they just take you right to Italy ! 

The ham and cheese plate was very delicious. I love it when these meats are not overly salted. I love having wine and cheese nights with my girl friends at home. Unfortunately though, I'm just a pretentious soul who knows nothing about wine or cheese. I like sweet wine with little to zero alcoholic taste to it, and I really just like the cheese on top of pizzas. SIGH. But with this plate, we had a veryyyy creamy and flavorful goat cheese. I, of course, do not know what it was called. But I was surprised that it was goat cheese because I usually do not like it.

These meatballs were huge ! It was shared between the six of us and everyone managed to get a fair amount of it ! They were really good but a little too filling and heavy. Hard to have these THEN some pizzas. 

Maybe because I haven't had pizzas for so long so I enjoyed every single bite of them. Frank said they were just so so though. We all also found the thin crust too thin *hard to pleased. It was so thin and soft that the pizza pieces were so hard to be eaten by hand. I was therefore forced to be a lady and ate with fork and knife. NOVO was overall a pleasant experience, but to be honest though, when I crave for pizzas again, I'd still just call a Panago delivery or something.

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