Friday, December 26, 2014

Yah Yah Ya Ramen

I once heard from somewhere that Vancouver has as much Ramen restaurants as its bubble tea cafes. This is definitely not the case for Richmond, however. Richmond only has a couple Japanese restaurants specialized in ramen, and none of them is good : (  So when Yah Yah Yah opened I went so excitedly hoping it will be my future ramen spot, but that was not the case. SHO SAD.

Another SHO SAD thing is that, Yah Yah Yah took over the spot that hosted one of my most frequented Taiwanese family restaurant of over ten years. I wonder why that Taiwanese restaurant closed as they had so many loyal customers such as myself. They had the best chicken leg rice plates. SIGH. Now it's replaced by Yah Yah Yah, and it's not even that good SHO SAD.

Sigh, so because of its close proximity and my craving for ramen, and my laziness to drive to downtown, in total, I have visited Yah Yah Yah 3 times. The first time I went, they just opened, and everything seemed new. They did quite a bit of renovation as the interior resembles very little of the old Taiwanese restaurant. SHO SAD. When I ordered, I was told that I could choose either less salt, regular, or more salt / less oily, regular, or more oily for the ramens. As I often find ramen's too salty and heavy, I went for less salt and less oily. It came out so bland. But I blamed this on myself because I was the one who asked for a more bland taste. Second time I went, I ordered a Shio based ramen with regular everything, and it was so salty. I thought because Shio, meaning salt, will automatically be saltier than the other choices. SO, I gave it the benefit of doubt again, and went for the third time.

So the third time, I went for a miso based ramen, with regular everything. And it tasted just as salty as the shio I got last time. I do like their chashu rice though, something I could get as a side order.

My friend got a spicy ramen and she said it was so spicy. But then again, this could just be personal preference. Near the middle of her bowl, she found a long strand of hair intertwined with her noodles. We informed the server about it and was presented a new bowl of her choice. She got a miso one too, and didn't like it still.

The service was pretty good though. And in the end, they only charged us the price for one bowl of ramen and have apologized sincerely for the hair.

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