Friday, December 19, 2014

Chef Hung's Taiwanese Beef Noodle

I'm not exactly sure how true authentic Taiwanese Beef Noodles taste like, because everywhere claims theirs is authentic, and everywhere tastes differently. So it really depends on what kind of flavor you like, and I really do love Chef Hung's noodles. A lot of people think that they are quite overpriced but some Japanese ramen are priced the same, right ?

So apparently, two or three of their noodles have won the Taipei International Beef Noodle Contest. Besides these, they have couple more choices, but I've only tried their signature one (which won the first price), and a clear soup one, and a dried one. And I really enjoyed all of them. But I usually order the clear soup one because it seems lighter.

To order, you can just tick your choices on the ordering sheet and pick the type of noodles you prefer. I usually prefer the Taiwanese thick noodle (see cover photo). Their side dishes were just okayyy, nothing too special, but not bad too if you just want something to munch on while waiting for the main dish. Service is pretty quick, though.

So the other day we went there for lunch, and because I bring my camera everywhere now, we started taking photos of each other while waiting, hahaha. And tadaaaaa, look at this handsome side profile. Because Frank is super good at taking photos, so usually when we compare our pictures of the same subject, mine looks like shit. Especially if I use his professional heavy camera, for some reason, I take worse pictures with better cameras. I also think I take very good pictures without him around, maybe because there's no comparison or no pressure. But this picture below is such a good picture right !! All I ask for is just a clear subject and a blurry background, whatever lingo you call that.

And this is one he took of me. I think it only seems like a better picture because I'm prettier. HAHAHAH.

The interior is pleasant and very spacious. They seem to have private rooms for ... errr, I don't know a private noodle party that you could finish in like 20 mins ? It's very well decorated though, you can tell they have done renovation for the entire place. Ever since I started talking to Contractors and Designers for MELU, I can't help but wonder how much did it cost each place to construct. The cost is SHOCKING. Shockingly high, unfortunately. So if you are planning to do a start-up, do calculate more than 50% of your initial investment into your interior cost. It costs that much even for a very simple concept.

I digressed, but here is a picture of the noodle ! We both ordered the same thing because we've been eating out almost everyday for all meals and we were craving for something light and easy. This bowl served that purpose, not to mention it was so yummy ! 

I don't care about its disappointingly low rating on Urbanspoon or what others say, that it's expensive and not worth the price, not authentic, blablabla, it is my favorite beef noodle place in Vancouver :) I still think you should give it a try before totally bypassing this place ! 

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle 洪師父牛肉麵 on Urbanspoon

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